2Much, featuring Kham of Culture Villains, is the newest single from CHH artist JAS.

There is almost “2Much” layered in the creativity to listen to only once! 

JAS, short for Just A Servant, is an emcee out of Michigan who currently resides in South Bend, Indiana. Making music for quite some time, JAS is influenced by his mother who is also an artist. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

JAS has hit the ground running this year. Receiving positive reviews and ratings from FiveTwenty CollectiveRapzillaRYCPraiseNews, on his multiple releases so far this year.

2Much is available now on all major digital media platforms. Head over to your favorite music platform and give it a spin.

Listen now: “2Much”

JAS also has some exciting projects and plans scheduled for 2021!

A video for the new single in the works. If it is anything like his past video productions, it will definitely be something that you want to stay tuned for!

Additionally, JAS has new music dropping almost every month this year. He is focused on producing mostly singles to provide consistent content that is high quality. JAS also has some exciting events in the works in collaboration with The Blessings Are Real Music Group, the music organization that he is affiliated with.

JAS is also involved in ministry work with TBAR and Christ Is Relief. As a non-profit organization, the mission is driven to support individuals and families that have been affected by natural disasters, Covid-19, and social issues such as homelessness and unemployment.

Using his God-given talents to create music that shares the gospel in unique ways, JAS is serving God’s people through his gift.

Taking the route of a gospel artist, JAS’ techniques and music are very different than most artists in the Gospel Hip Hop community.

“I keep it 100 and write about tough issues that most artists won’t write about.”

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