After releasing some 40 songs in 2021, J-Heir breaks his musical silence in 2022 with a fresh single, New Season.

Releasing on the first day of Fall, “It doesn’t just mark a new season in the natural realm,” said J-Heir, “but also in the spiritual atmosphere. In my life and in my ministry.”

New Season is the lead single for his upcoming EP entitled ‘The Bridge’.

Check out this additional track from J-Heir.

While the Christmas season means a lot of different things to different people, the origin of the holiday remains the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. In this 3-track project, J-Heir ends his busy musical year with music appropriate for the Holiday.

“While I like the title track a lot, I feel like the second song ‘Our Season’ really captures the true spirit Christmas,” says J-Heir. “I hope that it encourages healing in a family or friendship. May everyone have a Christmas full of love, joy, and peace.”

THE RESTRA!NER | “Heat and Joy | @the_restrainer

BRB Music | “False Remedies | @therealbrbmusic


Anna Benton | “Rest Easy” | @iamannabenton


Rob Redeemed | “He’s Coming Back | @robredeemed


J-Heir | “I’m a Boss” | @jheir


Kiersten Leigh | “Taking Back My Life” | @kierstenleighofficial


PrayTheorem | “Realest Ones” | @Praytheorem


BC | “Say Grace” | @BcSayGrace


Kalom Montgomery | “Fearless” | @Kalommontgomery


Cee Jonez | “True Love” | @ceejonez

Back Up is the 40th song released by J-Heir in 2021!

In this song, he gets lyrically prostrate in a place of reverence, submission, and repentance before God. It is in this place where true change happens in the life of a believer.

J-Heir brings more heat this summer with a new single, What You Know?

With his new single Loyalty, J-Heir teams up with Whoz Meech. The song is a declaration of dedication and commitment to God.

Jesus taught that those who hear and do His saying would build a house that would stand through the storms of life. J-Heir teams up with TC to testify of how building their lives on the rock of God’s word has made the difference.

J-Heir continues his string of new singles with Reverse. It’s important to examine the direction that our lives are headed in and make a change if necessary.

The Battlefield is a very powerful single that features one of the all-time greats, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The song, produced by Pulse Music Group, brings focus on the war that goes on in the thought-life. J-Heir challenges the listener to “rethink the meaning of soul-winning”.

J-Heir begins a new series of singles with a theme of Beats, Revival, and Rhymes. The first single entitled Major highlights the importance of the gospel message.