Wysemen 'Not So Black Friday (We Lit)'

The 11 Wysemen dropped individual singles…on the same day!

It’s the Not So Black Friday (We Lit) project. These songs bring a different aspect of each member to the table. The diversity in cadence, delivery, content, and beat selection make this project special. On top of that, each member authentically expresses themselves in relationship with Jesus!

11 Wysemen (brothers), 6 different states (HI, FL, AZ, MS, TX, CA), 1 incredible release. Check out the records below and share your favorites in the comments!

Dedge P and Knick Knack team up on S.M.H.

S.M.H. is about realizing how much God loves us. He remains faithful to be with us throughout all our ups and downs. Understanding and thinking about  the depths of  His love and the power of grace leaves us “Shaking My Head.”

Feature: J.E.R.K.

More from Dedge P and Knick Knack

Big God is about realizing how big God is. He is able to do anything!!

Features: GOODWRITT3NS, J.E.R.K.