Dallas emcee and Atlanta resident, Shane Kidd has been in the game for over a decade now creating uplifting and thought-provoking music.

In the 2010s, Shane released two albums, ‘Student of Life’ and ‘Learn to Live’, that both showed Kidd’s raw talent and care for the listener. Shane Kidd can spit with the best of them but it’s the message he wants you to walk away with. Throughout his career, Shane’s worked with some of the greats in Sho Baraka, K-Drama, DJ Aslan, and others. After a hiatus brought on by depression and writer’s block, Kidd is back with newfound freedom and a brand new record in Good Mourning.

Good Mourning is the tale of two halves.

On one side, Shane Kidd lets us right into the feelings and emotions he dealt with during his hiatus.

“The album was inspired by realizing I had to grieve the loss of my old life,” Kidd says.

Tracks like “Shadowboxing” show a vulnerable Shane Kidd going through the process and journey of loss, sometimes questioning himself and the path set before him. It’s not all doom and gloom though because after the rain comes sunshine and the Texas artist lets the listener know that there’s hope. “Joyful Rebellion” sees Shane Kidd team up with J.Crum on a groovy jam with uplifting lyrics adding another dimension to the realities we’re all dealing with.

Shane Kidd looks to relate and connect with the listener and Good Mourning expresses this on a deeper level. Life is full of transformation and Shane Kidd gives us a direct peek into his throughout the 10-track LP.

Features: Lucius, Josias, Jpaaulsings, Kyla Simone, Jordyn, R.J. Allen, J. Crum, R-Swift, Paris Avery, DJ Aslan, J Nolan

J. Crum and Gerry Skrillz teamed up to drop something special!

The contrast in styles from the two emcees creates an incredible sound. It is complemented by harmonies on the chorus and impressive production. Crum has been on the path of a true rising star and is not showing any signs that he is slowing down any time soon. Skrillz continues to carve his own lane after the release of his latest project ‘Sainthxxd’. The combination of the emerging artists proved to be a success with this release.

Los Angeles, CA-based producer Marvs is credited with the production on the track.

From Streetlight Sounds Headquarters

In a press release earlier today, indie collective Streetlight Sounds announced that they have no announcements to make at this time.

Streetlight artist, Thomas Iannucci, gave a statement that “there was nothing new to report.” Iannucci, whose mixtape, The Illyindé Tape, drops on August 24th, continued by saying, “we’ve got nothing going on right now. Just thought we should make that clear.”

Earlier this year, we were told to expect big things from the collective. That all of their roster had music and more on the way. Now, it seems, things may have changed.

This news comes as a shock to the indie hip-hop world.

Ever the trailblazers, it seems that Streetlight Sounds has come to an oversimplified conclusion. Sometimes the best moves in life are the ones you don’t make at all.

Still, we continue to wait for the revolutionary collective’s next move.

Streetlight founder and CEO, who has been busy working on Artist Elevate (his new course for helping independent artists reach their full potential) had this to say, “I’m actually not sure why you even felt the need to send out this press release at all. There’s nothing going on right now.”

“Wait, stop writing this down. This isn’t a statement. Don’t quote me on this. Stop!” – direct quote from J. Crum

The resident vocalist of the group, seni., agrees.

“It’s time to put the rumors to bed. We have no plans at this moment in time. In fact, I’m just in my room chillin’. I haven’t left in a week. It’s nice.”

seni.’s new single, We All Win, drops on August 20th.

This controversial move, to officially announce the doing of absolutely nothing, perhaps shows the sheer genius of the group. It also could throw back the curtain at their true motivation, clout-chasing.

Can you continue to make waves even when you do nothing at all? It seems to work Kanye.

For now, all that we can do is watch. What will they, or won’t they, do next?

The independent artist community continues to grow and Streetlight Sounds is well aware.

A passion that Streetlight owner J. Crum has is to see indie artists succeed.

Crum began the Streetlight venture in part due to the COVID pandemic. Music venues were shut down which brought touring to a halt, something every artist needs to turn profit. He decided that he couldn’t let that stop him. Crum began focusing on digital marketing. Guess what? He made more money through music than ever before, despite a pandemic.

After talking with fellow artists, Crum noticed a need that he thought he could address.

Artists were struggling with making the switch to building a fanbase online.

Crum began offering advice and walking friends step by step through what he did. The thing that he continued to hear was that he should start a company to help more artists. After a lot of thought, that is exactly what he has done.

J. Crum has officially announced the launch of Artist Elevate, an online course focused on archetypal music marketing.


“Today, I’m receiving messages almost on a daily basis from people who are on the same journey as you are. Learning how to brand themselves and build a fanbase, while having fun in the process.”

For those familiar with the content already available on Streetlight Sounds website, you are probably already making the connection between Artist Elevate and Crum’s Free Game video series. While countless artists have benefited from the Free Game videos, Crum is set to deliver his knowledge of building a music career in the digital market in a structured online course.

“Until now I’ve always had to turn everyone down. I just didn’t have time to take everything I know about archetypal music marketing and put it into an online course.”

With his Instagram inbox full of messages from indie artists looking to learn his method, Crum was finally convinced that now was the best time to teach others about archetypal music marketing.

“Yes, I’m finally doing it!”

J. Crum has already worked with more than 50 artists around the United States.

The artists who have benefited from Crum’s teaching have already their music careers transform. The key? Building passionate fanbases.

Paying for playlist placement doesn’t work anymore. Crum is looking to fuel the movement of the future. On Monday, July 19, 2021, Crum announced that independent artists have the opportunity to begin seeing things change for them. They can be a part of the shift and begin applying archetypal music marketing to their releases.

If you’re interested in learning how to brand yourself, build a passionate fanbase, and implementing archetypal marketing – then now is your chance.

J. Crum will be teaching a small number of artists everything that he knows on August 16, 2021. He’s putting his knowledge in a package that is easy to digest. You can sign up now to be a part of the limited, exclusive class. Get on the early-bird waitlist.

A free six-part video series will be released as well that covers archetypal music marketing and the online course. By signing up for the *early-bird waitlist, you’ll be notified when the free training goes live. The training will include strategies, techniques, and tactics that Crum has yet to talk publicly about.

*Early registration can increase your chance of getting a spot in the class. You’ll receive a special link one day before the course launches to the public.

Cade Legat wrote this song while working his barista day job with some friends. As he cracked open a bottle of Topo Chico, he knew it had to be the sound of summer. The good vibes of simple times, goofing around, chilled out in any situation with some good friends, and a drink in hand. THAT is the feeling captured in this track.

Features: J. Crum, Lowery, Yungbree

The Gospel Music Association has announced its award nominations for 2021.

The 52nd annual awards show is scheduled to be held on October 19th. Until then, there is exciting news for the independent CHH community.

While hip hop and the larger Christian music space have, let’s say, a somewhat rocky relationship, it is safe to say that the bigger name in the hip hop circle usually gets recognized. It’s understandable. The broader Christian audience may have some level of familiarity with the likes of artists like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and Aaron Cole. However, a group of artists we are quite familiar with have a reason to hold their heads a bit higher.

JIMMY ROCK’s single Worth It (featuring DJ Mykael V, J. Crum, and Rockstar JT) caught the attention of the GMA’s in 2021.


While Worth It faces some stiff competition (you may notice a guy named Kanye is also on the ballot), the nomination itself feels like a big step for the sub-genre.

Give these guys their flowers!

Landing a nomination is huge! Now it’s up to the voters for this year’s awards to see how it plays out. Can the underdogs come up big? We’ll find out on October 19, 2021, as the Dove Awards are held in Nashville, TN.

Past winners of the Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year include:

  • Gawvi “Fight for Me” (2019)
  • Social Club Misfits “War Cry (ft. Tauren Wells)” (2018)
  • NF “Oh Lord” (2017)
  • Andy Mineo “Uncomfortable” (2016)

If you were given a vote by the GMAs, what would be your pick for Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year? Let us know in the comments!


On this episode of Beyond the DMs, host Eric N. Boston (@EricBoston3) is joined by Christian Hip Hop legend and God Over Money artist Selah The Corner (@Iamthacorner)

Selah sets the record straight on “that diss record”, talks about collaborating with the next generation of CHH, and what may be the future of the genre.

#FiveTwentyCollective | www.FiveTwentyCollective.com | @FiveTwenty_Co | ericnboston.com | www.GodOverMoney.com

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On this episode of Beyond the DMs, host Eric N. Boston (@EricBoston3) is joined by indie hip hop artist and Streetlight Sounds founder J. Crum (@jcrummusic)
Confronting the awkwardness of race within Christianity, what “building your own table” looks like, and the purpose behind Streetlight Sounds.

Streetlight Sounds CEO and award-winning rapper J. Crum releases his newest single. This time, God Over Money emcee Selah The Corner joining the Omaha, NE artist. The duo have teamed up to drop No More. It’s a gritty banger that would be equally at home on the radio as on a workout playlist.

Southpaw Swade brings the hard-hitting production while Crum and Selah pull no punches. They are unleashing their frustrations with the state of the industry.

“I had just witnessed a white rapper post a video online saying the n-word. It made me realize how rampant that mindset is within our space,” said J. Crum. “I was verbal about how I felt about this and that’s when Selah hit me and told me we should put it on wax.”


Being Black in America comes with a history of resistance and perseverance. Faith has been at the root of perseverance for many in the Black community. Shane Kidd partners with fellow rapper J. Crum for an anthem of celebration, affirming Black pride, and spiritual empowerment. They’re letting listeners know, despite the impossible odds, Black joy thrives even in the midst of resistance.