This song was created to fuel you and motivate you through daily life. It’s a reminder that the sacrifices that you make are worth it in the end. Don’t lose sight of your end goal.

Features: Louionten

This song was created to uplift and remind you that, you can rise up and move forward in confidence. Use your struggles to make you better than in the past. Pace yourself because life is a marathon. Use your brokenness to become great.

This song was created to motivate, encourage, and drive you. To push yourself to the max in all that you do. Keep focused on what is ahead of you, not looking backward. Knowing that the best is ahead.

International Show is now one of the most sought-after producer-engineers in the industry. His ability to create music for multiple genres earned him a place in the “elite” producer category. Show has worked with various artists throughout the US and abroad.

Take Off represents the feeling of knowing who you are after you’ve put in the grind and you’re about to reap the blessings. It’s a perfect song for sports and workout playlists. The song features hard-hitting drums over anthemic chants and motivational lyrics. This is part of Show’s ‘R12:2’ project.

This song was created to remind you that we are all a work in progress. Standing still is not an option. Keep moving forward despite your current circumstance and allow that energy to push you into your true purpose.