In life, we make mistakes – mistakes that we are able to learn and grow from. Despite those mistakes and our flaws, God’s love for us remains the same and constant. Phathom teams up with StefanOtto, Mouthpi3ce, Selah the Corner, and Bri3jet to remind the listener that growth is essential to live.

Ornaments are what make Christmas trees unique. Tasan’s first Christmas album, Ornaments, explores the other side of Christmas for some.

The feelings of mourning, solace, and healing. Songs like “Tetris” and “Snowden” speak to feelings ranging from confusion to being lonely during the holiday season. Never afraid to address the complexity of relationships in song, Tasan talks about expectations and commitment in songs such as “Tonight” and “Keys”. Ornaments are a display of the pieces of truth, pain, and love which make up our own tree of our lives.

Features: BEAM, Sabri, asante

Fragments (noun): a small part, broken or separated off something

When one’s life is broken, mending can be a long and trying process. Fragments is Shiwan’s artistic expression of this exact process. Songs like “Young Flow” and “Nu Process” take the listener from Shiwan’s tumultuous childhood to learning life as an adult. Through love and understanding, Shiwan puts the broken pieces together. Fragments is a transparent and introspective look at the personal process and triumph of a man embracing the newness of life.

Kevi Morse delivers an anthem to encourage the listener to play their position, even when the pressure is at its greatest.

The infectious horns coupled with the driving drums in Faneto provide more than ample motivation to win any game. The song’s throbbing bassline brings the importance of maintaining one’s focus in achieving the goal at all costs. With seconds left…will you drain the shot?

The driving deep bass sound on this track coupled with edgy lyrical wordplay is the mix you get when a prolific emcee like William Cata gets on the mic. Miracle showcases the best and fundamental elements of both Hip-Hop and The Gospel. Cata confidently expresses the truth of Jesus Christ. The NY bred emcee channels the current drill sound to rally listeners to be unashamed about proclaiming the goodness of God.