There is no doubt that Newselph may currently be the most active hip hop producer in Canada. His latest collab—among a recent string of releases—is with emcee James Gardin. It’s a remix of Gardin’s hit, Promise Land.

Originally released in 2017, the track was featured again on Gardin’s ’21 compilation, ‘The Groove Collection’. This remake is a more jazzhop, chill version. A perfect companion to the vocal performance that rivals Arrested Development’s Speech (think: “Tennessee”).

No one churns out as much alternative/boom bap hip hop quite like Illect Recordings. Atop that list must include Canadian rapper/producer DIE-REK.

Consistently bringing a superior flow, DIE-REK rivals emcees such as Common, Mos Def, and Shad, but keeps it just as real as he keeps it positive and clean giving him ultimate mass appeal. His ’22 foray is Wheel Back, Come Again. It is another hype example of making a promising statement for another year of bars and stars from up north.