Fake is special to Ian Kenville.

“I don’t like talking about being insecure (at all), but the reality is as a creative, musician, and human being I find myself constantly feeling like I’m never gonna be good enough at what I do, or that one crucial mistake will derail all I’ve built. But I’m not a ‘cry in the slump’ type of person, so I got to work. I’m still very new to fighting my insecurities, but in working on it I’ve found peace in who I am, confidence in what I do, and a realization that I’m much happier being myself. And you should be too.”

Fake incorporates a fun, guitar led sound that’s perfect for any summer playlist or backyard function.

I’ve had anxiety since I was 10, I believe. I’ve fought it all my life in different ways, and it’s been so crippling and controlling at times. I wrote this song as an acknowledgment of the shift in mindset I was having about it. I couldn’t control it, but I could learn to cope, get help, and fight back. It was my turn to throw punches.

I didn’t write this song to be a self-help anthem, I just wanted everyone struggling to know that you’re not alone fighting this. It’s okay to not be okay. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing it too.

But we’re gonna be okay.

Ross and Rachel is a reflection of the past and a reminder to avoid over-romanticizing toxic things. In music, it is so easy to focus on past relationships and seasons as perfect. While not realizing God often takes us out of those situations for a reason. Kenville wrote this song based on my own experiences through the lens of the friends’ characters. The intent is to relate his story to a portion of theirs.

Ross and Rachel is an upbeat summer jam with catchy vocals paired with fun verses and an incredible beat. Produced by Jake Angel.

Talk 2 God is a story of maturity. It’s never too late to change. For those of us who were given this blessing, remember God can do the same for someone who hurt us.

Ian Kenville and Alex Papaleo join artist/producer Cayman Wendt on the new single “Lifeline”. This song is for people who struggle with addiction, pain, and the party lifestyle. I know, when found in this place, all I can do is ask for a lifeline. Maybe that lifeline is a friend, family member, or God.


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