GoodWritt3ns, "Believe In Yourself"

GoodWritt3ns wants listeners to Believe In Yourself

Anthems never get old. Especially one as powerful as this. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF is the anthem that tells ALL people of color, that they are greater than a month of celebration. With thought-provoking lines infused with the word of God, GoodWritt3ns captures a vivid picture of uplifting, understanding, and encouragement.

Wysemen 'Not So Black Friday (We Lit)'

The 11 Wysemen dropped individual singles…on the same day!

It’s the Not So Black Friday (We Lit) project. These songs bring a different aspect of each member to the table. The diversity in cadence, delivery, content, and beat selection make this project special. On top of that, each member authentically expresses themselves in relationship with Jesus!

11 Wysemen (brothers), 6 different states (HI, FL, AZ, MS, TX, CA), 1 incredible release. Check out the records below and share your favorites in the comments!

How You Do That? by Classmaticc features GOODWRITT3NS and Knick Knack (from The Wysemen).
This song addresses the issue of misappropriation of finance in the church. “How much money can a preacher have?” is a question we should ask more often. In this song, the imbalance of revenue that is often divided by the pulpit is addressed.
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MIND RIGHT, by GoodWritt3ns, feature Classmaticc and Double-A.  It’s about the joy of waking up to Gods love as soon as our feet hit the floor…definitely a vibe.

Survivor Q, real name Jermaine, was born and raised in Inglewood, California.

After losing his brother, at the age of 16, he dropped out of school and became part of a gang. That led him to smoking and drinking, making a lot of bad decisions and experiencing a lot of bad things. He grew up in church as a little boy so he knew who God was. By God’s grace he never lost his faith. Most High is Q’s newest record featuring Goodwritt3ns

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Big God is about realizing how big God is. He is able to do anything!!

Features: GOODWRITT3NS, J.E.R.K.