Brinson KCA

Brinson is set to receive the second Honorary Recipient Award at the 2023 Kingdom Choice Awards.

Taking place on Saturday, September 30, 2023, the KCAs are “running it back” on Broadway at the Peter Norton Symphony Space.

As the premiere awards show that recognizes Christian hip hop, the KCAs pride themselves in giving flowers to trailblazers in the world of CHH. This year, the CEO of GodChaserz Entertainment will be front and center on the genre’s biggest stage.

Brinson, “Kingdom General”

Brinson is a veteran rapper, minister, and filmmaker who has released 11 studio albums.

Over the past year, he has released the critically acclaimed ‘Before He Cracks the Sky’ while also producing and co-directing GodChaserz the Documentary. His songs have been featured on ESPN, NPR, BET, MTV, and other platforms. He has traveled the world spreading the Gospel through hip-hop. As a leader and visionary, it is easy to understand why he was chosen as the 2023 Honorary Recipient.

For more than 15 years, Brinson and GodChaserz have been impacting the world for the Kingdom. The incredible journey has been captured in GodChaserz the Documentary. It is a compelling film that showcases faith and music. You can watch the documentary on Apple TV or at

2023 KCA Info

The 2023 Kingdom Choice Awards is set to invade Broadway, New York City once again!

Last year’s event was nothing short of amazing. It further solidified KCA as the nation’s official award show for Christian Hip Hop and Urban Gospel music.

KCA weekend kicks off Friday, September 29 with the Pre-Show and ends on Saturday, September 30 live from Symphony Space, Broadway, New York, NY. Artists and patrons from all over the nation will be heading to the Big Apple for the premiere event of the year.

Get your tickets now at – V.I.P. tickets are limited.

Don’t miss this amazing night of celebration and inspiration for CHH and Urban Gospel fans!

GodChaserz Documentary

After plenty of hype and building anticipation, GodChaserz The Documentary is finally set for release.

The winner of 64 film awards hits streaming platforms this spring. However, GodChaserz founder Brinson listened to the fans and is giving exclusive early access this Friday, March 17, 2023. Fans will be able to view the documentary at

GodChaserz The Documentary will take viewers into the world of Christian rap as lived out by members of a scrappy, underrated independent music label who never abandoned their stated mission to share the gospel of Jesus to and through hip-hop culture.” – Sketch the Journalist

News of the exclusive release dropped today on GodChaserz social media:

The documentary takes an in-depth look at one of Christian rap’s longest-running independent labels. You can watch the trailer below.

GodChaserz The Documentary is directed by Brinson and award-winning director Will Thomas. Following submission to several film festivals, the film has garnered plenty of recognition. It is the winner of such festivals as SoCal Film Awards, Milan Gold Awards, MegaFlix Film Awards, Asia Film Festival, Emerald Coast Film Festival, London International Monthly Film Festival, and several others.

Along with plenty of behind-the-scenes footage, included in the film are several interviews with key figures throughout the Christian rap world. FiveTwenty Collective even makes an appearance. FiveTwenty Co. founder Eric Boston was able to share his thoughts on the label’s impact.


“A portrait of pursuing our Creator through hip hop. This documentary provides viewers with a first-hand account of what it looks like to run an independent record label focused on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through hip-hop. Interviews with artists, journalists, church leaders, and genre gatekeepers will enlighten audiences about this unique, black-owned entertainment company geared to encourage and entertain.”

Brinson, "Flowers From Da South"

Brinson features Big Fil in his new video, Flowers From Da South.

GodChaserz artist Brinson is excited to announce the release of his new music video for the hit single Flowers From Da South. The video showcases Brinsons’s signature southern style and lyrical prowess. Delivering infectious rhymes over a live, organic beat.

Featuring a cameo from another giant in the Christian hip-hop scene, Big Fil, the Flowers From Da South music video is sure to be a hit with fans and critics alike. The video is available on YouTube now and fans can listen to the track on all streaming platforms.

Brinson expressed enthusiasm about sharing the new music video with his fans. His team put a lot of effort and creativity into the production. He believes it is reflected in the final product. He is eager for everyone to see and hear the new single.

2022 .WAVMaker Awards

The 2022 .WAVMaker Awards kicked off the new year for indie faith-based hip hop.

FiveTwenty Collective and the legendary Trackstarz teamed up to deliver the only awards dedicated to independent Christian hip hop. 

This year’s .WAVMaker Awards was hosted by Eric Boston, Ryan Righteous, and DJ Jeremaya. It was live-streamed on the Trackstarz YouTube channel. Featuring 10 individual awards, Jeremaya also announced the 2023 Next Up artists which is an annual recognition for artists set to have a big year musically.

2022 .WAVMaker Award Winners

  • Rookie of the Year (sponsored by Dude.FM): Oatmeal
  • Cover Art of the Year (sponsored by Nectar Distro): Before He Cracks the Sky, Brinson
  • Female Artist of the Year (sponsored by FiveTwenty Presents): Reece Lache
  • Producer of the Year (sponsored by Not The Same Podcast): Newselph
  • Collaboration of the Year (sponsored by Kingdom Club Apparel): Resurrection, Trutha/Q-Flo/Prodi Da Prodigal/Legacy
  • EP/Mixtape of the Year (sponsored by Afresh Culture): Enjoy, The Mixtape, Dezzy Yates
  • Lyricist of the Year (sponsored by Club His Hop): Q-Flo
  • Single of the Year (sponsored by Blood Related Clothing): Show & Tell, Scribe Music ft. Kody Free
  • Project of the Year (sponsored by Godchaserz Entertainment): Before He Cracks the Sky, Brinson
  • Artist of the Year (sponsored by The Bookkeeper247): Brinson

Shout out to all of this year’s winners! What a way to start 2023. This year is sure to be amazing and we are excited to be along for the ride.

Want to make sure you are on our radar for the 2023 .WAVMaker Awards? Hit our Submission form when you are dropping new music all year long or send your press releases to

While you’re here, check out the live stream of the awards below!

Godchaserz Podcast featuring Eric N. Boston

The Godchaserz Podcast, hosted by the homie Brinson, recently featured FiveTwenty Collective founder Eric N. Boston.

During the podcast, Brinson and Boston talked about several topics including:

  • Christian Hip Hop
  • Faith
  • Music
  • Tech

Listen to the podcast below!

The Positive Side of CHH

CHH is not without its flaws, but there is plenty to be thankful for.

During this season of Thanksgiving, FiveTwenty wants to wish everyone in the CHH community a blessed holiday. Even in a world full of uncertainty,  God has not forsaken nor abandoned us. Let this passage from Philippians remind us, “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

What are you thankful for when it comes to Christian hip-hop?

Maybe it is your favorite artist or a specific project that dropped this year. It could be relationships that have formed within the community. Perhaps you attribute your encounter with Christ to the genre. Whatever it is, now is a great time to share and show that appreciation.

Earlier this week, FiveTwenty held a panel via our YouTube channel that discussed the positives of CHH.

Featured on the stream were Josh Galla (New Release Today), Damo (Trackstarz), Bars (Bars and Beats Entertainment), and Brinson (Godchaserz Entertainment). Everyone involved is firmly invested in the CHH community. There was a lot of great discussion along with examples of showing thankfulness for a genre that means so much to so many people.

You can watch the full stream below, but here are a few notable quotes:

“People are seeing positives in CHH where they want to be a part of it, want to be exposed to it, and want to further the message of the Gospel through it. It’s a good time.” – Josh Galla

“I think something I’m looking forward to is more of the exposure. Seeing more people in my age group starting to realize that the stereotype of CHH being corny isn’t true anymore. I think that stereotype has lasted way too long.” – Bars

“I feel like there’s a lot more genuineness with the music, a lot more individuality, and a lot more diversity with the styles and sound of music.” – Damo

“We have so much potential to grow and to advance the Kingdom with this vehicle of Christian rap. I think that is such a positive.” – Brinson

This was a great conversation that I was able to be a part of. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. These are the types of discussions that we all need to be embracing and it is a goal of FiveTwenty to provide a platform for them to take place. Both in 2023 and beyond. When we talk about unity and being stronger together, here is an easy place to start. So, if you have something you want to talk about, much like Josh did, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

What do you view as the positives of CHH? Share them and your thanks in the comments below! #MakeCHHPositive

Brinson to drop Before He Cracks the Sky – a concept album (his 11th overall) that warns of Christ’s return and wrath.

Brinson loves a good story – especially if it’s artistically told.

As a comic book collector and frequent film-goer, he recently dared to direct a documentary about his mission-driven music career.

It should come as no surprise at his next album will be driven by a single narrative. One that warns of Jesus Christ’s imminent return and righteous judgment.

Before He Cracks the Sky

This will be Brinson’s 11th solo project and 80th overall release from his GodChaserz Entertainment record label. On it, he offers a prophetic voice along the lines of Malachi who fervently attempts to share the good news that his neighbors can indeed be saved.

As with his past projects, this one will feature top-notch sounds (including contributions from multi-platinum selling producer Frank Nitty). The guest features include an impressive list from Christian hip-hop veterans (Corey Red & Precise and Knine) and newcomers (Porsha Love & Bri Cross). Like his last two albums, look for it to be wrapped in a crazy cover from a notable comic book artist Ken Lashley (Black Panther, Star Wars, and Spawn).

Although his work in other areas has been gaining considerable attention, the GodChaserz documentary has won over 40 awards and his entrance theme for Serena Deeb was featured on All Elite Wrestling’s highest-grossing pay-per-view, it’s time for listeners to lend their ears to Before He Cracks the Sky.

“This is where all it all began. Telling stories about God’s good grace,” – Brinson

Before He Cracks the Sky will be available on digital music platforms Friday, 7.22. Physical copies and other merch can be secured at


BHCTS Tracklisting

  1. Welcome To The End
  2. Flower From Da South ft. Big Fil
  3. Order My Steps ft. Porsha Love, Norman Michael
  4. Attack On Titan Freestyle
  5. Leaving ft. Bri Cross
  6. Look How Far ft. T-Strike
  7. Left
  8. Now Question ft. ReadyWriter, D.I. Disciple, Cstraight
  9. Comment Section
  10. Posted Up ft. Under5ive
  11. DMs & Replies ft. Knine
  12. Yeen Sayin Nunthin ft. Corey Red & Precise, T-Strike
  13. Take My Hand

Which tracks are you most excited to hear? How do you think this will line up with Brinson’s acclaimed discography? Let us know in the comments below!

Brinson tells a story of a new Christian reaching out to a recently fallen artist.

Comment Section is Brinson’s heart and hope. He prays the former Christian artist to come back to the faith.

Godchaserz’ Oatmeal kicks off 2022 with On Go. It is the starter for this new year and the first single from Oatey’s upcoming full-length project. “Walking by faith is what On Go is about, no matter the odds,” explained Oatmeal.

It’s time to celebrate! Brinson delivers an “unreleased” track just in time for his birthday.