Brinson, "Flowers From Da South"

Brinson features Big Fil in his new video, Flowers From Da South.

GodChaserz artist Brinson is excited to announce the release of his new music video for the hit single Flowers From Da South. The video showcases Brinsons’s signature southern style and lyrical prowess. Delivering infectious rhymes over a live, organic beat.

Featuring a cameo from another giant in the Christian hip-hop scene, Big Fil, the Flowers From Da South music video is sure to be a hit with fans and critics alike. The video is available on YouTube now and fans can listen to the track on all streaming platforms.

Brinson expressed enthusiasm about sharing the new music video with his fans. His team put a lot of effort and creativity into the production. He believes it is reflected in the final product. He is eager for everyone to see and hear the new single.