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Edify "Scorched"

Edify drops his first single of the new year with J1W and Quese!

Scorched is a collaboration with up-and-coming Christian Hip Hop producer from the UK, J1W. The song is high-energy with a gospel focus. The central message is being on fire for God and reigniting the flame. This is the first release of two singles, the remix will be released in February with features from Mike Teezy and Miles Minnick.

Scorched also has a music video released the same night as the single. Check it out below!

Edify "Christmas Paralysis

Christmas Paralysis is a song from Edify about addressing mental health and loss over the holidays.

Featuring Seth Benjamin, Edify explains how God brought him out of depression.

Why 40 for the album??
In June BRM turned 40 years old.  Life has definitely been a journey. So many ups and down’s we all go through in life, BRM looked more into the number 40. He found that 40 generally symbolized a period of testing, trial, or probation in the Bible.
During Moses’ life he lived forty years in Egypt and forty years in the desert before God selected him to lead his people out of slavery. The children of Israel were punished by wandering the wilderness for 40 years. Sometimes in life BRM had been wandering. This album has some real honest and reflective songs on it. As always, BRM has some fun with the music, but the last couple of years he have found himself examining his purpose, checking his why, and seeking GOD even when things have been hard.
Features: BrodieDaVinci, Edify, Gabriel, TC, Jayknight, JDun, Jamar Spencer, Kingsman JË, Lyriq Nawqiy, King David tha Vessel, Cory Curry

Josh Martin drop his first full album release, HEADSPACE.

The first half of the album is a great compliment to your work out to while the second half is perfect to vibe out to.

Features: Edify

The Show is a take on what it’s like to navigate the music industry as a Christian.

What was once high aspirations to achieve lofty goals is usually met with smoke and mirrors. Even with this realization, the internal world of the artist often becomes a battle with pride and self-importance. The original motivation to reach people and be creative can be lost when the vanity of making it becomes the focus.

Edify begins the song with notable punchlines and metaphors. He calls for unity in the Christian Hip Hop space. He also brings a cinematic feel to the chorus. QEW brings his unique sound and energetic cadence. The Show is a message for Christians to self-reflect on their motives.

No Regret is about the self-awareness of missed opportunities being made right in the present.

We all have things from the past we regret not pursuing or accomplishing. The good news is there’s no better time than now to right the wrongs. Edify brings a reminiscent perspective through rap and is joined by Quese on the chorus who adds a modern hip-hop feel. Artist Jay Violet also features on the song and brings a lyrical prowess with a smooth delivery.

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Samona | ‘Encouraged To Inspire’

Vanity is about proving yourself to the world and realizing it’s all vain pursuit.

Features: Isaac Mather, Lamain