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Legacy | Saints Sell White Too

Doctrinally reformed, yet Charismatic in his approach, Legacy delivers a riveting & counter-cultural outlook on faith, the post-modernist worldview, and societal norms. With hard-hitting bars, creative themes, and unwavering honesty, Saints Sell White Too is not one to miss!

Legacy is working on a new project but asks listeners to Hold This For Now.

The two-track single pack sets the tone for Legacy’s forthcoming album. Hold This For Now combines a perfect blend between high-quality sonic execution and penmanship. As well as the unapologetic stance of faith he aims to convey with his new album.

Included tracks

What’s Gwanin ft. Aable

Hope Dealer with Scribe Music and Dru Bex


Toronto artist, Dru Bex and New Jersey artist, Kay Sade have officially dropped their independent joint album, UFO TOFU!

Featuring 11 tracks, the album puts the versatility of both artists on full display. The song styles range from both catchy and rhythmic to hard and lyrical.

Thematically, the title UFO TOFU symbolizes that, as Christians, we are called to be “in the world, not of it”. Bex and Sade aim to present their art as an alternative to the regular “stuff” that is available, in a similar fashion to how tofu is often seen as a meat alternative.

In a time when a lot of hip hop sounds the same, these two eclectic artists deliver something unique and refreshingly creative. Familiar yet unique, especially in the Christian Hip Hop space.

Dru Bex explains the tracklisting:

“Each track is a palindrome, meaning it can be read the same from front to back or back to front. It kind of reminds us of how we serve the same God whether you start in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, or you decide to start with Jesus in the New Testament and then go back to see how everything was set up in the Old Testament.”

As the album’s intro says, God is the same from everlasting to everlasting, backwards and forwards.

UFO TOFU is available on all music platforms now!

Dru Bex and Kay Sade team up for palindromic joint album “UFO TOFU”. The project highlights both artists’ unique styles and creativity, as well as showcases Kay Sade’s production on several tracks.

The title reflects the fact that Christians are “not of this world” and celebrates Christian artists offering a tasteful and fun alternative for those who want something other than the unhealthy content they have been consuming.

Lastly, the project is an ode to God’s unchanging nature from everlasting to everlasting. Each song title, as well as the album title, is a palindrome, meaning it reads the same way forwards and backward.

As individuals, we face daily oppression. Drugs, alcohol, lust, identity, racism, preaching the truth. Sometimes we turn to our vices for temporary fulfillment. YP, J. Crum, and Dru Bex vent and call it “Therapy”