No one churns out as much alternative/boom bap hip hop quite like Illect Recordings. Atop that list must include Canadian rapper/producer DIE-REK.

Consistently bringing a superior flow, DIE-REK rivals emcees such as Common, Mos Def, and Shad, but keeps it just as real as he keeps it positive and clean giving him ultimate mass appeal. His ’22 foray is Wheel Back, Come Again. It is another hype example of making a promising statement for another year of bars and stars from up north.

Following up the successful “Eyes Across the Room” release, DIE-REK closes out the year on the strength of Get Nervous*.

Including peer emcees Sareem Poems (LA Symphony), Sojourn, and Griffin. the golden-era beats on the track are so hype. The classic hi-top Reeboks will instantly seem to appear on your feet as you suddenly find yourself magically at center court. The rap tandem’s boasting on the track is an energetic boost, giving way to a truly great listening experience.

*Free download via Bandcamp

Eyes Across The Room features Brooklyn, New York’s R&B songstress RKHTY. It delivers a sound reminiscent to that of the hit record “Ice Cream” by Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon the Chef. On the track, Die-Rek touches on dues paid, but not without the help, support & unseen dedication of his significant other.

Die-Rek delivers his signature sound on Diddy Dum Diddy Doo. Don’t follow the crowd, be your own person.

Emcee DIE-REK & producer Dj Sean P link for another golden era gem, A Better Place. What would you do to make the world a better place?

We all have scratched our heads at some point in our lives when faced with situations that seem impossible to overcome. Often overlooking that we got into that position due to some type of reasoning. Despite the reason, good or bad, there’s always a purpose. Don’t be afraid to take advantage and make the best out of those opportunities. We all have been given a sphere of influence, “a land” where we are to leave a mark and impose impact. Be strong and courageous, it’s moments like these that define us, and force us out of our comfort zones to be who we were created to be.