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Dedge P and Classmaticc team up on new single.

Everything is about how God is our everything no matter what we are going through.

Summer Rain is a metaphor for Jesus when we are in a storm. We know through it all, the Son is with us even when we are soaked in life’s problems.

Look At Me Now is about not letting your past and people that gave up or did you wrong, dictate your life. We are not the same as we were. If they look at us now, they will see what God has brought us from.

Feature: Emcee Mia

Brush It Off is about brushing off your problems and not letting your problems get to you. Dedge P delivers a summer kickoff vibe.

Features: Dre Wheelz

Daily Fight is about social media and how it can be fake. A lot of people are influenced by people who are not who they claim to be. This song just warns us of such people.

Features: Dre Wheelz, Kajmir Kwest

This song is for those living the street life. Time is short and it’s time to get right with God.

With everything thing going on in this world we need to stop and take a Praise Break. Just thank God for everything he has done for us.

Features: Knick Knack, Classmaticc

This song is about celebrating Christmas with our family and friends, but not forgetting that Jesus is the reason for the season.

15-year-old female emcee, HP Dat Cool, drops new song Livin My Life For Him. The record is about why HP Dat Cool lives her life for God. It features her dad, Dedge P, along with Survivor Q and Twiceborn.

You can call Dedge P and Xay Hill underrated artists…and that’s okay. As long as they are doing what God called them to do, they are happy with the results. Peep the single Underrated from two of the hardest working artists in the CHH space.