Dedge P "Melodies"

Dedge P | “Melodies” featuring Xay Hill

Melodies is an encouragement to anybody going through hard times in life, reminding them that God is still with you and He is still good!

Dedge P & Classmaticc '3 Day Theory'

Dedge P & Classmaticc team up for new album.

3 Day Theory features the single “Find A Way”. They share their heart in a very transparent way, addressing what is going on in life in the moment.

Dedge P & Classmaticc "Find a Way"

Find A Way is a solo song from Dedge P where he shares his heart. He’s very transparent about what was going on in his life at the moment of the recording. Check out this single from their project ‘3 Day Theory’.

Dedge P "Shero"

Dedge P releases a song for his mom.

Shero thanks his mother for her sacrifice and for being a great mother.

Dedge P and Classmaticc, "Going Nowhere"

Classmaticc and Dedge P announce a new song from their upcoming collaboration project.

Going Nowhere acknowledges and confirms God’s everlasting faithfulness. Through our troubles and hardships, God is assisting us with hope. He is preparing us through trials to be more dependent upon Him.

Classmaticc and Dedge P’s collaborative project is set to drop this May.


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Classmaticc: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Dedge P

Dedge P has been in Christian hip-hop for 20 years now. He is known for his early mixtapes “Da Free Mixtape” Vol 1 and Vol 2 which featured Tonex, Knine, Gifted Da Flamethrowa, Fedel, S.O.C.O.M. and many more at a time when Christian hip-hop was relatively unknown. With seven projects released, Dedge P is still going strong.


Classmaticc had a 20-year writing career in music where he wrote for some of the elite artists in music. Such as T-Pain, Brittany Spears, The Game, Jibbs, Ron Fair, Wylde Bunch, Xzibit, Daz, Trina, Bosko, Yo-Yo, SPG, Polo Da Don, E-40, and Problem along with Tv Placements with VH1, MTV, and Oxygen.

Dedge P & Classmaticc, "OMG"

Dedge P and Classmaticc are back at it with the release of their new record OMG

OMG a fun song that is praising God for getting us out of all the bad situations and being there with us through it all.

Dedge P "Back Again"

Back Again by Dedge P captures the emotions of believers that keep falling into the same situation and/or sin, then find themselves in a struggle.

Features: Classmaticc

Dedge P x Classmaticc "Blessings"

Dedge P and Classmaticc recognize the Blessings on their new collaboration

Too often we fixate our minds and hearts on what we don’t have instead of the things that we do have. This is the reason behind the creation of Blessings.

Dedge P and Knick Knack, "For The Love of Money"

Dedge P and Knick Knack drop single from their new collab project.

For The Love of Money talks about how this world is so into having money that we will do the worst of the worst to secure it.

Wysemen 'Not So Black Friday (We Lit)'

The 11 Wysemen dropped individual singles…on the same day!

It’s the Not So Black Friday (We Lit) project. These songs bring a different aspect of each member to the table. The diversity in cadence, delivery, content, and beat selection make this project special. On top of that, each member authentically expresses themselves in relationship with Jesus!

11 Wysemen (brothers), 6 different states (HI, FL, AZ, MS, TX, CA), 1 incredible release. Check out the records below and share your favorites in the comments!