Immortal is a 7 track offering by Cali-based Emcee Asheesh, with his multi-rhyme delivery, and animated cadence, Immortal is guaranteed to give you that quality Hip Hop that you desire with a foundation of personal struggle, faith and testimony.

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This album “Dreams of a Giant” by Cloak the Scribe is reminiscent of what Real Quality Hip Hop is. Wordplay is evident and is geared heavily towards the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ. This album is a must have from an underrated selfless artist.

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Many know Marlon Marshall as the quiet, funny type. The type of guy that doesn’t speak unless he really has something to say, and when he does speak it’s because he’s weighed the understanding of the purpose of what he says against his morals and divine truth.

Others know Marlon Marshall as Nuisance Da Chosen, 1 half of Frontline Soldiers, a Christian Hip Hop Group out of Northern VA, that has dropped mixtape after mixtape since 2005. In 2014, Marlon Marshall signed the dotted line on a new registered venture entitled Blood Related Entertainment, and since Marlon Marshall has become the Owner/CEO of Blood Related Entertainment, you can address him simply as, Mr. Marshall.

Mr. Marshall drops his first solo album after a 15 year stint with Frontline Soldiers, and his first as a CEO entitled, “Rise & Become New”. On this album, you will hear Marlon’s story, his life of pain, a life of mistakes, a life of screw ups, and a life of redemption. Where he finds hope, how he measures truth, and what causes him to be the type of man that he has become.

There is much to indulge on with this album, with 18 tracks, you will find so much more than what you bargained for, and it will definitely end up on constant rotation, or your new go to album because of Mr. Marshall’s lyrical consistency and raspy delivery.

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