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On January 26, 2021, Nomis’ father died. It was the first in a series of dominos leading to the worst year of his life.

Loss At Sea is Nomis processing the year his family has had in real-time. “For those of you who have suffered significant loss,” states Nomis “I hope this resonates with you and you feel understood.”

Production: Tactik, Newselph, Chrys Jones

Chrys Jones drops his first single of 2021, Still Christcentric. Jones reminds believers where our truth rests, regardless of the world’s confusion.

We don’t think Kendi or Robin Diangelo have all the answers, we haven’t read em/
We love the Bible and we know the gospel is just what we’re needing to live forever/
But we know we are living each day in this place til we makin our exit/
And we know there are gospel imperatives that should be shaping our ethics/