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Produced by Ear 2 Tha Beat, My God Good is the latest from Chris TyK.

My God Good is worship in rap form, not a worship rap song. It’s not a genre per se, it IS worship. Whether life is going well or not, whether we are performing well or not, God is good!

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Glow Up Arc, by Chris TyK, is a nerdcore and CHH fusion. If you consume any show or movie series you likely know this term. If not, it’s simply the path a story follows.

In anime the main character often goes through a sort of “training” arc in which they are growing stronger, better, etc. Before that it’s kind of trash. Their life probably had something very traumatic. The last few years have felt like Chris Tyk’s “training arc” and tragic beginning. Through a lot of hard work, prayers, and tears he has begun to enter his Glow Up Arc. For those in Christ, all things are working for our good. We have a part to play though. Lets Glow!

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Chris TyK laces the new record Can’t Stay, produced by Mr. Cru2.

Like a vacation, there’s places we can’t stay. Immaturity, our dark places, the throne. Chris TyK has been in such places, “I know I can’t stay there.” This is the simple but meaningful essence of this record. Where can’t you stay?

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HYFR, or How You Really Feel, is ultimately a song  about God’s grace. More specifically Chris TyK’s feelings of unworthiness in this amazing gift we call grace. Rounded out with his struggles and feelings.

Production: YJO

I Feel It is an energetic song displaying some of what Chris TyK does best. Noticeably his flow and crafting great verses with an energetic hook.

I Feel hopeful, I feel God has Me, I feel I will make it. I Feel It. That’s the simple essence of this song.

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A journey through Peace. Do I have it? Why or why not? Ultimately I know where to get it. I attempt to find it in many other places, tormented by my own solutions, and the pursuit itself. I accepted Christ into my life years ago, but I find myself struggling to feel the peace only He can offer.

From Columbus, Ohio, Christian Hip Hop artist Chris TyK brings his latest offering.

In a conversational style, Chris concludes his thoughts of his, and possibly your, insane 2020.

Inspired by FDR’s fireside chats, when the president would address the nation, the new record is an address to the Kingdom. The final thought? We are not without hope and we press on.

“I hope you’ll enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed making it,” stated Chris TyK. “Even my more somber songs are a joy because I get to release and unleash. Maybe you will too.”

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“Hit ‘em with the Gospel, like I’m an apostle.”

Chris TyK’s single is bouncy and fun, a perfect year’s-end song.

The rapper’s delivery is rapid-fire and laced with references and similes. The wordplay is both a highlight and a weak spot to me. Some of the punchlines are a little corny, while most land well. The chorus is catchy with nice cadences, yet feels a little rushed, as though a slight reduction in tempo would be an improvement.

Overall, “Ruckus” is a solid single that falls slightly short of great, offering an enjoyable listen now with room for growth in the future.

“Just watch me, yeah, imma cause a ruckus!”

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Who’s ready to cause a Ruckus for the glory of God? Chris TyK gets into some “good trouble” on his newest single.

Transparency, when done right, is a good thing.

People get to see the ups and downs, trials and triumphs, and, ultimately, the listener gets to see GOD glorified as victory by HIS hand is the end result. 

Sadly, being transparent has now become an excuse for individuals to put their issues on display. Citing the incompletion of the work that the LORD has started.

Dope segue: Chris TyK, an Ohio native, presents a five-song EP entitled Overexposed.

Somewhat of an ode to transparency, good and bad. With the use and abuse of social media and other platforms, the beauty of transparency has been lost in its inauthenticity, all for likes and follows. Overexposed speaks to that end.

What I enjoy about this EP are its imperfections.

Production isn’t bad, but mixes and masters, as well as performances and execution, all leave a little to be desired – which is both somewhat challenging and refreshing.

Chris, while offering social commentary, doesn’t hesitate to include himself in the mix in stating his dependency and hope in what GOD alone can do.

Chris TyK has a ways to go with refining his gift/talent, but his presentation and willingness to be open and honest in his music is a blessing and encouraging.

Check out Overexposed below and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

Stand out track:

Insomniatic DayDreamz