Scribe Music 'Scribe & The Wildlings"

Scribe Music is thrilled to present Scribe & the Wildlings

The new EP explores the journey of a man of God and the unexpected experiences that shape his calling. This thought-provoking album features contributions from a diverse range of artists, making it a unique and dynamic listening experience. With its powerful message and captivating sound, Scribe & the Wildlings marks an exciting new chapter in Scribe’s artistic timeline. So get ready to embark on a musical journey through the wilderness and discover the impactful season that awaits you.

Features: Chiwaz, Nu Tone, Weez The Satellite Kiid, Dzh, Kody Free, Q-Flo

Chiwaz, "Adonai"

Chiwaz features Tds Cam on the single Adonai.

Adonai is about calling out to God and knowing that He answers prayers. He takes away all pain and anxiety. He protects us.
We should be giving Him praise.

Chiwaz features Avery Doreen on Praises 24/7.

Christ not complicated. He does not ask for some complicated type of worship to Him, or using big words in prayer or scripture. Just as simple as He was born in a manger, we should also view our worship/prayer to him. This is a simple but powerful prayer and call to Christ.

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Christian Hip Hop artist Untidld dropped his third single of the year, On the Throne. Centered around Isaiah 6, On the Throne showcases the angelic army that we all have fighting for us as believers with this bar:

“Making decrees up in heaven/ My angels they get the message/ strong, they never passive/ sound like a drum when they get to stepping/ you know where they heading”

This gritty drill beat was produced by fellow Philadelphian J-Dot Music and features one of CHH’s rising vocalists Mr. Chiwaz. On The Throne released August 12, 2022.

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One of Christian Rap’s artists on the rise, Nu Tone is taking West Coast hip hop and infusing it with the hope found in the Gospel.

With a distinct voice and elite pen, it is not hard to discover why Nu Tone has jumped on the radars of influential platforms such as Critique Friday’s (Rapzilla) and Billboard Hip Hop. He has remained one of the most consistent and hardest working artists in the Christian Rap space for several years now. His new project carries on that tradition by showcasing not only his incredible talent but a multitude of other artists as well.

Heavenly Legacy releases across digital music retailers on July 8, 2022 (which also happens to be Nu Tone’s birthday) via Nu Tone’s own “His Throne Records” imprint.

The album includes 15 tracks, each having its own unique and hand-picked featured artist. The list includes Gabby Callwood, Muted Mike, Legacy, Zou, A. Ruiz, V. Rose, Jxhn Pvul, and Nu Tone’s wife Rebekah Renatus, among others. The project features production from Liam Bushey (Xay Hill, Big Breeze, Scootie Wop) and 100graham (Coop, Henrik) with engineering by Jxhn Pvul.

Highlights from the album include the records “His Throne”, “Wicked Ways”, “Angel City”, “Enough”, and “Kneel”. Heavenly Legacy is the sonic experience that Christian Rap has been waiting for. Physical copies of the album are also available on CD.

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Album Details

Title: Heavenly Legacy

Artist: Nu Tone

Release Date: July 8, 2022

Label: His Throne Records

Features: Gabby Callwood, Brandyn Kalani, Muted Mike, Adamant, Legacy, Rebekah Renatus, Zou, Nino Salas, Seb Camry, TDS Cam, I-Von, Jay Steezy, A. Ruiz, V. Rose, Jxhn Pvul, Kelo, Chiwaz

Production: Liam Bushey, 100graham

Engineering: Jxhn Pvul

Track Listing

  1. Wicked Ways
  2. Soaring
  3. Feel Loose
  4. Angel City
  5. Enough
  6. Let It Out
  7. His Throne
  8. Mind Running
  9. Speed Dial
  10. Right Here
  11. Heavenly Legacy
  12. Light Work
  13. Showing Me
  14. Kneel
  15. Way Down

Leap of Faith 2 by Legacy is a cinematic rap album. It is the follow-up to 2021’s ‘Leap of Faith’. LOF was nominated for “Project of the Year” at FiveTwenty’s .WavMaker Awards.

Legacy stated that the project was “inspired and executed by Yah.” It features appearances from: Kay Sade, Q-Flo, Alcott, and Chiwaz.

This is a prayer for the year, every year. Chiwaz prays for blessings over his house and family. He’s praying for blessings over the people he has met, people with who he will come in contact, and people who will listen to this song.

Features: Cyrus Sonata


I was in a place of anger and frustration but I decided to channel those feelings into prayer and song.
The hand carrying the tree resembles someone greater,the giver of life, the creator of all creation The most high God. Who holds the earth that I walk on which is a gift and miracle in itself.
God answered my prayers and continues to do so. He is a God of miracles.

Chiwaz has always loved music. Seeing that God wanted him to use his gift to bring people to Christ, he feared not being good enough. God made it clear. You do it Now Or Never. Here he is, doing it NOW.