Cary has been under a lot of emotions during the pandemic with COVID-19 and the senseless hate against minorities. He’s sharing his heart on these matters as he thinks about his kids and the next generation. Cary wants to inspire the masses by giving them Breath. Even when he can’t breathe, letting them know their voice matters and can/will make an impact. This is where I Can’t Breathe was birthed.

Cary the Dreamer has been dropping some impressive tracks, catching attention with his 2019 release “Petition

The love of God is alive in Cary’s music.

In the midst of COVID-19, Cary dropped the song “Glory & Honor (Pandemic)“. A smooth anthem that renounces the virus and worships the Father who holds all power over sickness. The message is a much-needed contrast to what we typically see on social media and news outlets.

For his latest release, Cary teamed up with Adrion Butler on a remix of his 2019 hit.

“Petition (Remix)” cries out to a God that is needed more and more every day. The duo is standing in the gap for a people who are desperate to gain God’s favor. It definitely lives up to the standard set by the original track. You can check it out below!


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