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Where to start? 2020 was quite a year.

There are the clearly obvious issues: the loss of Kobe Bryant, COVID-19, social issues, businesses closing, and families losing everything in the “Year of the Mask”. When you lay it all out, you see chaos. You may even lose a little hope.

Even so, these things worked in harmony as God continued to show His faithfulness.

In 2020, BrodieDaVinci experienced many of life’s monumental moments. He got engaged, became a father, and signed a record deal. Now he delivers his debut project for Rapture Ready Productions North, ‘Harmony’, on January 22, 2021.

“When looking back over the year and really thinking about God’s hand and where He showed up in all of this, it made me do some soul searching,” explains Brodie. “I became a new person this year. I developed characteristics and qualities that I never noticed in myself before. I became more giving, understanding, and patient. I like to think that God used every single part of 2020 in HARMONY to help me become the man that I am in this moment.”

‘Harmony” is an eight-song project that can be heard across digital outlets.

Rapture Ready Productions North has the whole squad celebrating this holiday season. The closer you get to the Fireplace, the more you feel His warmth and His presence!


A LOT has gone on this year! And that is an understatement…

Deep within Rapture Ready Production’s core, they believe that there is power in being different and unique.

Naturally, when they started to branch out and open up new opportunities, like Rapture Ready North, they looked for not just talented artists, but artists that are in a league of their own.

2020 has been an amazing year for RRP and today is another strategic step for the label in the areas of diversification and growth.

Brodie is not a newcomer to the CHH space. Due to the impact his ministry has had on the community, the positive effect has not gone unnoticed. On the music side, he has a long list of Tier-1 artists that he has worked with, including many from the RRP roster.

Brodie will be joining the RRP North division of the RRP brand, led by well-known CHH artist BRM. Brodie will become a key component of RRP’s growth into mainstream, faith-based entertainment in the northern region and beyond.

 “Super excited for Brodie to join the team. We hit it off after a contest I threw out, which he won, and we really clicked and hit it off. He has a great heart, a tremendous artist who will fit right in with our vision and purpose.” says BRM, President of Rapture Ready North. CEO JDun stated, “Brodie is truly in a league of his own and we are so excited to have him join the ever-growing team here at the label. We believe with him being added to the team everything at RRP will be turned up to the next level.”

Brodie had this to say, “I’m blessed to now be a part of a family who not only will help me grow musically but spiritually as well. After doing features and collab projects, and getting to know some of the peeps on Rapture Ready, I know that God has his hand on this team!”

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One of the most unique entities in any music landscape is the coming together of a group, that wasn’t already a group, to become a group, that still isn’t really a group.

I know, I know… jibberish.

Well, not really, when you think about it. There’s a lot to be said about “group”  (or collab) projects that aren’t from an actual group but are comprised of individual artists that have come together for a specific purpose.


Enter Brodiedavinci and BRM (AKA Brandon R. Music).

Both individual artists in their own right. These two, who gained a rapport with one another by featuring on each other’s tracks, have come together to bring us ‘20 Seconds’. A basketball analogy-themed project whose goal is to remind the listener of the sense of urgency we, as Christians, need to operate with. 


The pairing of Brodie, a Wilmington, NC native, and BRM, a Chicago area emcee, is somewhat of an odd one.

Davinci is refreshing; his play on words are both witty and relevant and seemingly always up to the task of making each song an actual song, which isn’t as easy as it sounds (some of your favorite artists fail at this repeatedly and miserably). BRM, a hardworking viral superhero just recently tapped as the President of the Rapture Ready Productions label’s North division, is charismatic and energetic, if not a bit predictable. BRM’s sing-song delivery along with Davinci’s versatility can run congruent on this project (Remedy), and opposite each other in the next breath (Chef).


The production on 20 works.

It’s a mash of current feels, but not overly trendy and the tracks, as a whole, are a perfect fit for this sometimes odd couple. The mixing and mastering of this project are nicely done, as well.


This project also has a few nice features on records like the title track (featuring the legendary Applejaxx), and on cuts like “Talk to Me”, which initially introduced BRM and Brodiedavinci to each other, along with songs like “Holy Water with GOD Over Money’s own Jered Sanders.


’20 Seconds’ both hits and misses throughout, making its mission clear and apparent in some places, and a vague afterthought in others. It’s not as a result of not trying.

This project has potential, and if Brodiedavinci and BRM continue to push each other spiritually and creatively, it’s safe to say that the best is yet to come for these artists both individually and collectively. 


Check out ’20 Seconds’ streaming across all digital platforms.


Hiding From Myself
Holy Water feat. Jered Sanders
20 Seconds feat. Applejaxx

Go Up feat. Qween

What tracks stand out to you on ’20 Seconds’? What do you think of the duo of BRM and BrodieDaVinci? Hit the comments and let us know!