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Transparency used to be a good thing before it became egregiously mislabeled by haughty individuals.

They use it as an excuse to be considerably ratchet, ungodly, and daring those in the wake of their public actions and defiance to question their “liberty” or “relationship”. 

Transparency was about genuinely glorifying the GOD WHO can do anything by sharing a story of imperfection made relevant. “Butterflies”, by up and coming artist Bandy, takes things back to the simplicity of highlighting what’s good about GOD by exposing what’s not-so-great about self.

This single, released independently, has a lot of potential. 

The well-traveled Bandy, an eight-year US Army Reservist,  sounds like a female but raps like a rapper. Most importantly, though? She executes like a person who understands what a glimpse into a redeemed life can do for others. 

Presented as an anthem for the mislabeled, “Butterflies” encourages the listener to be reminded that in/through CHRIST, you can change. 

Stroked across a very melodic backdrop, Bandy’s vocals dance between piercing and soothing. Each cadence of the chorus hitting home with every refrain. This record is powerful and feels like the start of Bandy establishing herself as a vitally viable voice to the culture. 

“Butterflies” isn’t without flaw, but while it may not be a record for the masses, it’s easily a record for the masses; the presentation may not translate or be desired by/for everyone, but the message is one everyone needs to hear. This song resonates…

Check out “Butterflies” by Bandy below and hit the comments to let us know what you think!