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In The Water (with Andre David & Kennis Clark) by Marqus Anthony is a brilliant collaboration between three up and coming artists.

Avila absolutely crushes the production with a thundering, fascinating beat. Kennis Clark comes in so smooth and groovy on the hook, then Marqus and Andre rip their respective verses. This song is for anyone who has felt like they were drowning in this life. Just know that Jesus will save you if you call upon him in the midst of your struggle.

This is the third single from Kofi Khae this year. Following his faith-building anthem STILL WORKING (March 2021) and his evangelism focused bop BROKEN RECORD (April 2021).

When your faith in Christ goes to the very core of who you are, it is inevitable that the music you create is deep. So says Kofi Khae on his new single SO DEEP featuring Indiana spitter Just A Servant and vocalist Nathan Jansen. Over bass-thumping production from Avila, the trio touts a faith-driven alternative to the shallow offerings in today’s mainstream hip hop scene.

“Music is an expression of the soul — and invariably, the depth of my faith influences what flows from my pen” – Kofi Khae

Love Lust, by Avila, is an inventive and emotional hip-hop / R&B vibe. The young Atlanta emcee pours out his heart as he tells the story of a past relationship.

This diverse young trio unites in an awesome way to encourage people going through down times that better is available in Christ.