AMAR "Thunderclap"

AMAR sears the Christian Hip Hop space with his newest release THUNDERCLAP, featuring Marty of Social Club Misfits.

Continuing the streaky success of previous monthly singles, his latest track will only further show that his creative direction is set to cultivate traction. THUNDERCLAP is a fresh anthem for trusting God’s vision, not the algorithm. Shaking free from the many enslaving mindsets of the world.

AMAR "Pop Out"

AMAR features DJ Mykael V and A3 on new single

POP OUT  is AMAR’s fourth single of the year. POP OUT is about not hiding away who God made us to be and stepping out to shine bright in that identity.

AMAR "5000"

AMAR brings all that he has and places it at the Master’s feet.

5000 alludes to the biblical story of the child that offers 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to feed a multitude of 5000+ people. In the same way, AMAR relies on giving all that he has to achieve the greater purpose that God has for him. He reflects on the path God has taken him on to accomplish this.

AMAR, "Avalanche"

AMAR and Once Wckd release the single Avalanche

In addition to paying homage to the snowy Rockies of Colorado, AVALANCHE is about melting away the weight of outside expectations, opinions, and evil that can easily freeze and paralyze a person.