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Hilltop Society "Jetpack"

Hilltop Society drops second single of the year, Jetpack

Jetpack is a metaphor for elevation, it represents the aspiration to keep going higher and higher in your journey. To inform all of your doubters that whatever they try to do to bring you down, you will always keep ascending no matter the obstacle.”

Hilltop Society "Grail"

Hilltop Society, including Justcallmedt, Jay Sanon, and A-Dub White, drop the collective Grail

In life, there are moments when our faith will be tried and tested. It is these very moments that define us. We must go through the fire in order to be refined and purified just like gold. GRAIL is the soundtrack for this process. You made it through the fire and now your cup runneth over!

1st Date is the first entry from A-Dub White’s upcoming project. It is intended to be a blueprint to millennial, Christian romance.

This track has a funky, smooth, “night out on the town” vibe. It is also the introduction to a love story that will be revealed on White’s upcoming project and first hit record IN JESUS’ NAME!

A surprise mixtape for the holidays? Yes, please!

Justcallmedt and A-Dub White teamed up to release a collection of freestyles exclusively via SoundCloud.

Community Service is a tool to connect with those that are outside of the Christian community as well as those within. Although each song is a remix of a more popular mainstream song, the duo put their own twist on it. They combined style with substance, there’s a message in every track.

Prof. Biz & A-Dub White join forces for their new single, We, Too. Loosely inspired by JustcallmeDT’s “1 am in Broward Freestyle”, both artists are bringing the listeners on a tour through South Florida over thunderous 808s produced by Whiteboi Beats.