Greetings earthlings, lol..

AOT is back with some new exclusive music and a few joints that are not so new. AOT V.3 has been done for some time now. But life’s unexpected circumstances, unfortunately, caused it to be pushed back a few times.  It was only by God’s grace and mercy that A.O.T. were even able to wrap this up and present this 90’s CHH gem.

For over twenty-two years, this music has blessed us in so many different ways. A.O.T. created something that would take us all back to that time when this great genre of music first hit our ears, made us bop our heads, and say, Huh? That’s Christian Hip-Hop?

The AOT V.3 mixtape has that dope nostalgic vibe to it. It makes you sit back and reminisce about some of those Holy Hip-Hop pioneers. The ministries that first inspired us to go down this ministry road.