Hip-hop collective 1K FAMO (Family Always Moving Obstacles), consists of 1K Phew, 1K Pson, Don Tino, Chris Elijah, and Chozen. They recently released a new song and music video, Thug Love.

Longtime Christian hip-hop fans will notice an especially interesting aspect of this release. It pays homage to another, highly influential hip-hop collective: The Cross Movement.

Primarily active between 1996 and 2008, The Cross Movement were pioneers in the world of Christian Hip-Hop.

Thug Love makes several references to Cross Movement’s song “Know Me (Huh, What?)” off their 2000 release ‘Human Emergency’. Included are sonic similarities between J2’s instrumental for Thug Love and DJ Official’s original instrumental for “Know Me (Huh, What?)”; references to The Cross Movement’s chorus; and even a clip of the “Know Me (Huh, What?)” music video at the beginning of 1K FAMO’s music video.

“Huh, pop my pop like soda / Cross Movement reloaded (loaded),” Don Tino raps on the single, implying 1K FAMO is a new, fresh collective in the same vein as The Cross Movement.

Thug Love is the lead single from 1K FAMO’s upcoming project, ‘S.O.S.’

FiveTwenty’s own Eric Boston recently sat down with The Ambassador of Cross Movement. Catch that interview here.

Watch the music video for “Thug Love” here:

Watch the music video for “Know Me (Huh, What?)” here:


“It’s trap gospel” as Osaze and 1kPhew link up to take CHH from the ATL to across the globe…can’t get tired now.

“June 98” is a reference to the year of the final NBA Championship won by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Inspiration for the song was found in a Michael Jordan quote that said “They can’t win unless we quit!” This quote was made in celebration of the Bulls’ second defeat of the Utah Jazz in June of 1998. Such a profound statement also applies to our faith. The only defeat we can experience is to give up.