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Streetlight Sounds Is Doing Absolutely Nothing @thomasiannucci_ @streetlightsnds

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | August 14, 2021

From Streetlight Sounds Headquarters

In a press release earlier today, indie collective Streetlight Sounds announced that they have no announcements to make at this time.

Streetlight artist, Thomas Iannucci, gave a statement that “there was nothing new to report.” Iannucci, whose mixtape, The Illyindé Tape, drops on August 24th, continued by saying, “we’ve got nothing going on right now. Just thought we should make that clear.”

Earlier this year, we were told to expect big things from the collective. That all of their roster had music and more on the way. Now, it seems, things may have changed.

This news comes as a shock to the indie hip-hop world.

Ever the trailblazers, it seems that Streetlight Sounds has come to an oversimplified conclusion. Sometimes the best moves in life are the ones you don’t make at all.

Still, we continue to wait for the revolutionary collective’s next move.

Streetlight founder and CEO, who has been busy working on Artist Elevate (his new course for helping independent artists reach their full potential) had this to say, “I’m actually not sure why you even felt the need to send out this press release at all. There’s nothing going on right now.”

“Wait, stop writing this down. This isn’t a statement. Don’t quote me on this. Stop!” – direct quote from J. Crum

The resident vocalist of the group, seni., agrees.

“It’s time to put the rumors to bed. We have no plans at this moment in time. In fact, I’m just in my room chillin’. I haven’t left in a week. It’s nice.”

seni.’s new single, We All Win, drops on August 20th.

This controversial move, to officially announce the doing of absolutely nothing, perhaps shows the sheer genius of the group. It also could throw back the curtain at their true motivation, clout-chasing.

Can you continue to make waves even when you do nothing at all? It seems to work Kanye.

For now, all that we can do is watch. What will they, or won’t they, do next?

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