Seatbelt by J-Dun [Christian Rap – Free Download]

By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | October 6, 2017

Artist Jeremy Duncan now known as “Jdun” comes straight out of the gate with a new passionate approach on Christian Hip Hop with his first mixtape entitled “Seatbelt”. “Seatbelt” infuses the uncut word of God with personal stories of triumph and failure. It also features some of the most talented up and coming gospel artists in Baton Rouge. Jdun’s lyricism and raw passion can be heard throughout every track and increases the listeners’ desires for more music and a connection with God. Jdun’s unique style blends multiple forms of flow and delivery which keeps the content fresh but unique!

Jeremy is no newcomer to the gospel rap industry. He has released two albums exclusively through Rapture Ready Productions’ website, as well as released two full Albums entitled “No Vacancies” & “Barefoot” available everywhere music is sold and streamed online since 2015. Jeremy has also been featured on multiple projects as well as co-written and produced for many artists.

“Seatbelt” is a declaration to the world that Jdun is here and to buckle up because this mixtape is going to take the listener on a journey! Like Jeremys says all the time; “In order to reach the lost, we have to first reach the lost within ourselves”! This mixtape pushes the envelope of how Christian music is supposed to sound yet, it embraces the truth and conviction of God’s will and plan for each and every last one of us!

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