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Review | Thomas Iannucci, “I Got This Beat Off YouTube”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | April 8, 2019

On his newest release, Thomas Iannucci works through some of life’s recent struggles.

The Hawaiian emcee took a different route with this one.

“I Got This Beat Off YouTube” was not dropped with the intent of commercial success. Iannucci states that right from the start of the song.

“I hope this song don’t blow up, cause I don’t own the rights/ I just download the beat and got out with my life”

This is one of indie CHH’s most talented artists laying their soul out there raw. Is the mix and master at a level that will impress on a weekend critique show? Probably not. It is indeed the stereotypical SoundCloud track.

Call it a b-side, call it a demo, call it whatever you may, but at the end of it all what you hear is what so many connected with the genre claim to be asking for.

It is honest emotion that goes beyond the surface level.

“My girlfriend told me that I’m treating her bad/ I got mad/ when I yell I sound just like my dad/ cause all I know, is to hold it in until I explode/ like that time at the library, I can’t go there no more”

What I can tell you about Thomas is that he is one of the most genuine people around. I don’t mean within the culture, I mean within the human race. He always takes compliments gracefully and looks to build up others more than anything else.

The outpouring on this track shares a conflict that many can relate to and far too many deals with. It is a tightrope of sorts where we are navigating seeking God and glorifying Him while having these human issues and emotions that the enemy can use against us. In the end, it is about figuring out how to process these things so as not to be defeated.

Music is clearly the outlet that Iannucci needs to process.

So yeah, if you want to be critical then this track does not have the polished sound of a finished track. It is not made to increase a bank account in any way. But man, it has a message – a realness – that should be attractive to any listener.

Thomas has told me that new music is coming. To be honest, if he is in a season of life where these are the kind of songs he needs to make…I’m here for it.

“Just because you know my number it doesn’t mean you know me/ just because I follow back, doesn’t really make us homies/ all it does is make us lonely, we’re starved for attention/ that doesn’t depend on your wi-fi connection”


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