Review: Thomas Iannucci, “Been A Minute”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | July 20, 2019

Thomas Iannucci may not have dropped the most music in our space so far in 2019, but what we have got is something special.

The work that Iannucci and the Brewz have been displaying since forming their partnership has definitely had me excited.

Give me an opportunity to do a quick recap of what the pairing has produced so far:

Listen, if for some reason you did not catch one of these tracks, it is well worth making sure you follow the progression. Not only do we have a unique sonic experience being developed, but we also see Iannucci taking that next step in terms of which artists he is reaching out to, and most importantly, the level of artists that are choosing to collaborate with him.
With his newest single “Been A Minute” we witness the continued evolution of these aspects.
Featuring one of CHH’s heaviest hitters, in the indie space, Kings Dream founder Ruslan, the expectations going into the track are set quite high. Add into the mix that songs such as “Illyinde” and “Open Season” found Iannucci establishing himself as an emcee that can hang with anyone, then the newest single should easily be a premiere song.
The question now is, does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out:
From the very beginning, we are met with the promise that “Been A Minute” will be able to walk the walk, so to say. Sirens let out a warning that something is about to happen as a timer ticks down. Iannucci comes in with a level of energy that we have come to expect and a sound in his voice that coveys his intent to not be outdone:
“I can be the best, I can be the worst/ I just want to go off in every verse”
Thomas rides this beat that the Brewz crafted to highlight his strong ability as an emcee.
I love that Thomas switches up his flow in spots. Delivering bars in a variety of ways over the same beat certainly keeps the listener’s interest. If there is one thing that I am going to say from a constructive point it is this, I think Iannucci’s next step is experiment with his tone. Even small changes in his vocal sound would add another layer to his already promising approach.
Verse two features Ruslan and I’ll be the first to say that I have not been the biggest fan of his music in the past.
With that being said, over the last year or so, I have grown increasingly impressed with his ability as an emcee. When Thomas told me that Ruslan was going to be on “Been A Minute” I knew that their styles would mesh well and that has proven to be the case.
“Putting ourselves on, haters they dead wrong/ I do not care for ’em, I’ll put the rest on”
The way that Ruslan works his cadence shows the experience that he has accumulated over his years of developing as a leader in our space. If there is one lesson I hope that Iannucci takes from this collab it is that. The flow is not stagnant at any point.
“Been A Minute” had the difficult job of standing out on a release day that was very congested with several CHH big names. However, I definitely think that it deserves to be right there at the top of the new songs the culture is talking about.
What do you think of the track? 
Listen to it below and hit up the comments to let us know what you think!


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