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Review: Spoken Worth, “Needy Soul”

By Darius Mullin @iamdariusmullin | September 23, 2020

“He created the stars in days but took months weaving both you and me.”

Spoken word artist Spoken Worth recently teamed up with PoetiCS for a moving and meditative track, “Needy Soul.”

The song is masterfully crafted, from PoetiCS’ lofi-sounding beat to Spoken Worth’s cadence to the words actually being spoken. To be honest, it has been some time since I’ve sat down and listened to any spoken word, and “Needy Soul” is a fantastic reintroduction that makes me want to dig into more.

The lyrics are raw and thought-provoking, the type that make you want to hit pause to process what was just said and then rewind to listen to the whole thing again.

Here, Spoken Worth is a prime example of good art within the Church.

“Tear down my ambition and replace it with Yours. Tell my demons that Christ is Lord.”

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