Review: Profect, ‘Beauty for Ashes’

By King David tha Vessel @Yieldedman | March 21, 2020

A few months ago, I had the privilege of reviewing Profect’s previous full-length release, Foggy Mirrors. A redemptive laden offering that truly showcased Pro’s heavy heart for outreach and mobile discipleship.

A sort of “rolling-the-church-out-on wheels-to-those-in-need” mentality.

On his latest seven-song EP, entitled Beauty for Ashes, we see where a lot of that heart was cultivated.


Ashes is a themed compilation, focused on giving the listener uncanny insight into the Seattle emcee’s well-chronicled arrest and subsequent time in prison.

Profect is not one to shy away from the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual realities of what it means to be incarcerated (please see: Taking us on a journey from the beginning of this type of process with “Sentencing Day”, the harrowing retelling of the day Pro would learn he’d be ordered to serve 15 years locked up.

In the detail of the retelling, you learn to appreciate it. He runs through the gambit of emotions he felt that day, from feelings towards his Mom, siblings, and an absentee Dad. 


While Profect’s previous singles feature a more blatant religious overtone in terms of pointing individuals to CHRIST, this project’s redemptive clarion call is more of an underlying current. As Ashes, a reference to what’s referred to as the Bible’s “great exchange” (Isa. 61:3), is very much a deep dive into the prison experience of someone that doesn’t belong in that setting; someone created for more, but who finds themselves in that environment due to the consequences of decisions made.

The highlight of Ashes is its actual title song, which showcases Profect’s aforementioned heart of outreach over the project’s most well-rounded production. It’s easily the EP’s standout composition.


Beauty for Ashes is a very pointed and intentional work.

Those who either have been in prison, or have been, or are currently close to someone who may be, will understand this project and quite possibly, due to the music’s authenticity, end up at the desired result: a relationship with Jesus, nurtured and fostered out of one of life’s more challenging situations.

Overall, though, this project may not resonate with the masses.

If that’s the intent of it, then this work needs to be positioned so that it reaches its core audience.

Beauty for Ashes represents a great idea, but the execution leaves a little to be desired. Profect is a great storyteller and this project is yet more proof of the potential he brings to the table. 


Available now on all streaming platforms. You can hear the project below.

What are your thoughts on ‘Beauty for Ashes’ by Profect? Were you able to connect with the message? Let us know in the comments below!


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