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Review | Osaze, “Truth”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | February 28, 2019

From the initial sound of the record crackle and sample drop you know “Truth” by Osaze has the opportunity to be special.

The duet of female and male vocals only add to the nostalgic feel of the track.

And then Osaze steps in with one of the realest rhymes you will hear right out of the gate:

“They wanna know the source so they’re fighting over quotes/ I’m living for the Lamb while they’re fighting over goats”

The way that Osaze’s southern drawl meshes with the production on “Truth” shows his flexibility as an artist. Coming off of the success of his early 2019 release “Amen”, his newest single is certainly an appropriate follow-up.

As the chorus croons “Don’t make me do what you don’t want me to do”, if this is the level of music that we are going to see out of Osaze going forward then we have one of CHH’s brightest up and comers right here in front of us.

It is hard to be too critical of this track. The overall balance is on point. It could certainly be polished more assuming one has a budget to apply top of the line engineering, but the final product definitely does not disappoint.

If there is one area that I would give some constructive feedback to would be that the opportunity is there for a more creative outro to the track. However, it falls in line with other songs in this lane.

This is a track, especially when you combine it with what we were given with “Amen”, that has me looking forward to what will be coming next from Osaze. Keep him on your radar.

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