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Review: Old Man Xero, “Wayfairing Stranger”

By King David tha Vessel @Yieldedman | October 26, 2019

One of the best parts of being involved with a group that authentically desires to see others succeed is this…

…you get to come across all sorts of gifts, talents, and skillsets.

Each one looking for an opportunity to be polished and shined.

That being said, because there is such a large pool of talent that God uses and gives us access to, it becomes important that we learn not to limit ourselves without compromising. This comes to bear when listening to “Wayfairing Stranger” by Old Man Xero.

First off, what I didn’t see coming was that this offering wasn’t simply another CHH record.

Excitedly, it’s not a CHH record at all!

Xero, the host of his The Xero Hour podcast, is a Christian Techno/EDM artist so this track has a very rave vibe…but without the drug-infused, sex-encouraging content most secular dance parties employ.

“Wayfairing”, oddly enough, is actually the cover of a Johnny Cash song by the same title.

The record speaks of the Christian’s pilgrimage through this life and the focus we should have on the next. Precisely timed execution make this unique interpretation enjoyable without being headache invoking.

While Xero is not primarily a rap or hip hop artist, he’s certainly no stranger to CHH. He has worked with artists like Marqus Anthony on other renderings.

What I love most about Xero’s “Stranger” is that it helps debunk the belief that in order to listen to music you’ve liked pre-Christ you have to go back to that pre-Christ music. That’s a fallacy and is a very seductive lie from the enemy. God has given the Body the ability to create sonic canvases in any and every genre that, in many ways, trumps our worldly counterparts.

If dance party music is your thing, but Jesus is more, then check out “Wayfairing Stranger” and other tracks from Old Man Xero.

You’re welcome!

Get a sample of the new track by Old Man Xero below and hit the comments to let us know what you think!


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