Review: Mitch Darrell, “Self-Reflection”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | March 7, 2020

Dreadhead Lando returns without the Star Wars references, but still brings plenty of force

Mitch Darrell has seen substantial growth in his music over the past 12 months.

Since releasing “Dreadhead Lando” a year ago, Darrell has found himself dominating the rap contest game, creating alongside CHH veteran KJ-52 (R.I.P. to the moniker), and being among artists who are “Next Up” as recognized by DJ Jeremaya of Trackstarz.

Now with his newest project, the ‘Self-Reflection’ EP, Darrell told us that we would not be getting fast raps and would prove his diversity as an artist. Oh, and that he would not get bodied by any of the features on his own songs.

We will find out…

Where Are You God ft. JASXN – Mitch told us to expect something different on this project and, with the opening notes, we are met with exactly that. The opener “Where Are You God” is extremely calm, something one would not necessarily anticipate on a track that features Darrell and JASXN. Mitch really caught my ear with this, “I’m on a mission to sit and listen to Jesus speak/ Yes in person I’m very certain we’ll see Him teach/ So I’m wishing for strength and fishing not at the beach/ but in churches I’m steady searching but lacking meat” Have we lost track of God, or have we simply lost track of our purpose? Oh, we also get singing Mitch right out of the gate. Check out that hook!

Rearrange ft. gitemjay – This is the lead single from the project. It is easy to understand why Mitch chose this track to represent the EP. I love the ticking intro to the song as it is a reminder that time keeps on moving no matter what is happening. Again, melodic Mitch comes in and declares that he wants to see a change instead of everyone being copies of one another. I also really appreciate the change-up in Mitch’s verse. gitemjay, formally Jus Josef, has been really growing over the past year as an artist. On “Rearrange” that growth is on full display as he delivers a great feature and reassures Mitch, “I feel you Mitch I promise change is coming/ we study the word while these other rappers study the comments”

Blood On My Hands – On the cover of ‘Self-Reflection’, Darrell is sitting and looking in a mirror. I feel like it could easily have been at this point that he crafted ‘Blood On My Hands’. The blood in question is that of Jesus as Mitch looks back at his journey of faith. It is a conflict that those of us who are seeking to follow Christ not only relate to but certainly feel. It is a simple song on the surface, but Mitch is really diving in and delivering on that transparency that he promised with the project.

Indie ft. Jadoni – While “Indie” continues with the laidback feel, I love the vibe on this track. Mitch is explaining why he is choosing to remain an independent artist as opposed to chasing a record deal. In today’s music world, that is possibly the best choice and Darrell, joined by Jadoni, does a great job of putting the reasons out there for that decision.

Not Black Enough – I’m not going into a lot of detail or anything here. I am simply going to say, this is one you need to listen to. When we speak of being transparent, “Not Black Enough” is a great example. Mitch dives fully into feelings he has dealt with throughout his life.

Stay Strong – The flow pattern here gets your head nodding and it is hard to stop. The production by PoetiCS creates a fitting culmination to the project. Mitch explains how, through Christ, we have what we need to remain strong even through difficult times. “But my God has defended me/ upended every evil enemy/ blending to try and attack with sinful tactics/ I think evil is ending, I’m depending on God to strengthen me, I’m sending a shot at the devil with no practice”

Overall, ‘Self-Reflection’ is a very different project from Darrell’s last one a year ago.

What it shows is the range that Mitch has as an artist and why he is one of indie CHH’s brightest.

Personal Favorites:

1. Rearrange
2. Blood On My Hands
3. Not Black Enough

Take a listen to the project below and hit the comments to give us your thoughts! 

What was your favorite track? Do you miss the Star Wars bars? Were you surprised by this project?


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