Review | Mitch Darrell “Cloud City”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | January 8, 2019

You know those songs where the first few notes cause your head to turn and you think “hmm…”, “Cloud City” by Mitch Darrell caused that reaction in me.

It is a mellow sound that lets you know that you are about to vibe.

The instrumental intro gives way to the beat with a smooth vocal layered over the top. The melody and flow invite you in as you can feel the passion that the artists are bringing to the track.

Darrell is a very skilled emcee and “Cloud City” puts that skill on display.

An avid Star Wars fan, Darrell is often comparing himself to the character of Lando Calrissian, and the references to the epic sci-fi franchise are found throughout this track. Even so, as Darrell states in the track, “this is real life, this ain’t sci-fi” and there is still a strong message being delivered about faith in the Creator.

There is truly very little to be critical of on this track.

The production and flow qualities are great. The writing, especially of the hook which is catchy and keeps you drawn in, is well done. You can tell that time and thought was put into each line. The overall mix is solid, although there are moments, especially on the hook, where I feel that the vocals could be punched out a bit more.

If you are not a fan of Star Wars you may not enjoy the mentions of Yoda, Luke, Vader, Han, Obi, and R2D2. However, I am a fan so I loved it!

The force is indeed strong with this one.

Darrell has announced that he will be releasing a project titled ‘Dreadhead Lando’ and “Cloud City” has made that release one that I am anticipating. 


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