Review | Fast and Low Music, ‘Misunderstood’

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | May 18, 2019

‘Misunderstood’ is the upcoming project from the duo of Ludlow and Bugga otherwise known as Fast and Low Music.

The brothers brought in the help of PoetiCS to create ‘Misunderstood’ and the pairing works as you have a project that is versatile in its sound. 

Pop Off – I love the guitar intro to this opening track. Coming in at 1:57, “Pop Off” is a nice introduction to the EP. Ludlow and Bugga do a good job of working with the melody of the track. Overall it is a song that is easy to vibe with as it is neither too slow or too hype. My biggest criticism would be that there is certainly room to improve the vocal quality. The vocal sound is thin and the echo/verb is a bit too pronounced. Rounding out the sound on the vocals with depth and punch would take “Pop Off” up a level.

Triple Double – One thing you have to love about PoetiCS’ production is the variety that you get. On “Triple Double” you have a completely different sound with sharp 808’s and underlying keys. The song features Mitch Darrell who has been very prominent in 2019 with his own project ‘Dreadhead Lando’ and several challenge victories, including KJ52’s, to his name. Overall the track is solid as it displays well crafted and delivered verses. The bars are the focus so if you are looking for a catchy hook, this may not be your track. However, if you enjoy well-executed verses then you will enjoy the track.

Bars Fly – At 1:45, “Bars Fly” has the feel of an interlude but it also is packed with a lot in a short time frame. “If you pass on us I don’t wanna hear you pout/ I don’t wanna hear you say you know what we about/ cause when we put it out you don’t wanna be around/ but I know eventually that you’re gonna love the sound”

Misunderstood – I really enjoyed the melody line on this track. “Misunderstood” tackles a subject matter that I’m sure every independent artist can relate to. It is the feeling of working hard on your music only for it to seem like no one supports it or gets it. However, for those who are willing to go through the grind, there is an eventual realization that sets in. “I was in the bed like, all night/ Worrying about things that don’t affect my life/ I’m alright, I’m alright/ I’ma walk away with my head held high”

Young – The tempo slows down and things get introspective. Fast and Low dive into how things were simpler when they were young, mostly because they were ignorant to many of the things that you become aware of as you grow. I like the topic, and again the writing and delivery of the verses are done well. The hook has potential, but I feel like the quality of the semi-autotune chorus could improve with a stronger singer.

Take Me Home – As we hit the opening verse and the beat drops in, it is easy to understand the choice of “Take Me Home” as the EPs conclusion. It has a dramatic feel to the production and the going home theme conveys completion. “Take me home I want to feel your touch again/ I feel so distant that’s why I picked up the pen”

Overall I enjoyed ‘Misunderstood’. The biggest takeaway I have from the project is being able to see the growth potential for Fast and Low Music.

They are not the most polished. They may not have “radio ready” tracks at this point. What they do have is the knowledge of what their sound is and can be. They are able to speak to everyday events that connect with the listener. If they are misunderstood now, by the end of this EP you have a much clearer picture of what they are about.


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