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Review: DJ Evon, ‘Fear and Confidence’

By King David tha Vessel @Yieldedman | May 23, 2020

Fun is something the world too often believes it has the market cornered on…as if to say that Christians no longer know what it is or that they must indulge in things they’re supposed to be against in order to experience, again. Lies.

True fun, the kind that doesn’t keep you looking over your shoulder or have you out of your mind, is truly found in JESUS and DJ Evon wants you to experience the difference. The Holy Gang Productions artist and Dallas, Texas native recently released Fear and Confidence, a five-song EP aimed at introducing the listener to a good time in the LORD.

Evon, an actual DJ outside of CHH circles, pushes a product featuring some of today’s hottest current and up-and-coming artists in the genre, over musical canvases that show that Evon and his cohorts have a finger on the pulse of popular culture’s Top 20 hits.

A lot of today’s trap/pop music is a mix between the inaudible and uniquely melodic, and Fear and Confidence melds strongly within those familiar confines.

Kicking off the project is Fear (Lean on The Lord) featuring Koythaboi, as heartfelt a trap record you may accidentally experience. Missing, though, are the repetitive rolling snares, replaced by deep, dirty bass and lush chords.

The production throughout this project is bright and vibrant, with the vocals autotune drenched and trendily delivered.

Fear stays away from beneath the surface content, but most of its messages of God’s goodness and faithfulness are clear.

The blend of content and culture is perfectly executed on stand out records Power Up featuring Dru Bex, Poetics, and Steven Malcolm, and reggae-infused, featuring the silky vocals of Jarry Manna, Erica Mason, and Torey D’shaun.

Fear and Confidence isn’t deep thought.

It’s current sound and caution-free commentary that allows for a good time minus the guilt. DJ Evon has a plan to get you to party with purpose and he’s pulling it off across all digital outlets.

Check out Fear and Confidence below and hit the comments to let us know what you think of the project! What is your favorite song? How about your favorite feature?

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