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Review | Chris TyK, “Take Off (Go)”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | April 10, 2019

Take Off

The Yung King has dropped his newest single “Take Off (Go)”

If you follow our Spotify playlist Workin’, then you have probably heard Chris TyK’s previous single “Warm Up”. The artist out of Columbus, OH is starting to build up his catalog.

On this newest track, TyK lets us know that he is about to take off.

There are positives with this track, especially when it comes to the verses. At the same time, we also have opportunities for improvement. Here are my thoughts:

The first thing I noticed was the synth hits that drive the production. As an isolated sample, it is not bad, but as you progress into the song (and not very far in at that) the synth simply becomes overwhelming. There needed to be some sort of change for me, it is simply too repetitive.

Once we get into the verses we reach the highlight of the track.

TyK is a solid lyricist. He is obviously still developing as an emcee, but you can hear the potential there. While there are some small spots where the flow can hit a little better, overall I like what I am hearing. Continued focus on his writing and delivery will be key as he looks to go to that next level.

“If you try to ride my wave, you might find yourself screaming mayday” 

The hook on the track is not great. It is not bad either. It is simply average.

Crafting a truly great hook is a difficult thing and something that very few are fully capable of doing. Will TyK get to the point where he puts out consistently good hooks? I have no idea. At this moment in time, it is not his strength, but you do not have to be a great hook writer to be a successful emcee…thank you features and writing teams!

Overall I would give “Take Off (Go)” a 6/10.

There are enough positives here for me that they outdo the areas that need work. Production selection and creating a solid hook are areas where TyK can give extra attention to moving forward. When it comes to his bars though, he should keep traveling the lane that he is heading down. As he settles in, he has the ability to create some really good verses – and that is what I am here for!

Take a listen to “Take Off (Go)” below and let us know in the comments what you think of the track! What is the best advice you would like to offer to Chris TyK?

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