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Review: Chris TyK, “Ruckus” @IamTheyungKing

By Darius Mullin @iamdariusmullin | December 24, 2020

“Hit ‘em with the Gospel, like I’m an apostle.”

Chris TyK’s single is bouncy and fun, a perfect year’s-end song.

The rapper’s delivery is rapid-fire and laced with references and similes. The wordplay is both a highlight and a weak spot to me. Some of the punchlines are a little corny, while most land well. The chorus is catchy with nice cadences, yet feels a little rushed, as though a slight reduction in tempo would be an improvement.

Overall, “Ruckus” is a solid single that falls slightly short of great, offering an enjoyable listen now with room for growth in the future.

“Just watch me, yeah, imma cause a ruckus!”

What are your thoughts about “Ruckus” by Chris Tyk?

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