Review | Chandler Swain, “Waiting”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | March 21, 2019

Coming off of the heels of his single “Honestly”, Chandler Swain drops his newest song “Waiting”

Swain is a young CHH artist who is beginning to generate some buzz in the culture.

You may hear some comparable sounds to other artists within CHH, but what you should pay the most attention to is the raw skill that is involved when it comes to Swain’s writing and delivery. There is an unabashed truthfulness in his voice along with a willingness to be transparent that is often not found with an emcee of this age.

What I found the most intriguing while listening to “Waiting” is the way that, even on a slower track, Swain still brings the energy that is becoming a trademark of his.

“Waiting” has no hook to speak of, it is all about the bars over two crafted verses.

The “bridge” in the middle of the track felt a little odd to me. I think that is mostly due to the melodic “moans” being a little off key which causes some clash that is a bit harsh on the ears. Outside of this one criticism, I really enjoyed this track.

What we are seeing in Swain is one of the genres more promising artists who has yet to meet the age requirement to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. With the way he drives these tracks though, it is not hard to see him getting exactly where he wants to go.

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