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Review: Bugga, ‘Calm’

By Darius Mullin @iamdariusmullin | July 22, 2020

FiveTwenty Collective’s Darius Mullin provides his thoughts on the new double-single from Fast & Low member Bugga

80 Floors
“I been down, now we 80 floors up.”

The first half of ‘Calm’ is the light bop “80 Floors”. The instrumental and hook of the song make for vibes that would fit well on any summer playlist.

The verses are a little weaker than the previous two aspects of the track, but not enough to have any serious effect on my overall enjoyment of the song. If I had to describe “80 Floors” with one word, it would be “fun”.

“Calm” switches things up to a much more mellow tone, with a piano-driven introspective beat.

In contrast to “80 Floors”, “Calm” is a more verse-driven track – which is just as well because Bugga’s transparent bars are the highlight of the track, though he still has room to grow in both lyricism and delivery.

“Calm” isn’t as memorable a song as “80 Floors”, but it shows a lot of promise for Bugga’s writing skills going forward.

You can hear the ‘Calm’ double-single below. Hit the comments and give us your thoughts on Bugga’s newest offering!

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