Project Listen: ’88 To Now’

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | September 18, 2019

After a run of singles, Sareem Poems and Newselph have dropped the 11-song project ’88 To Now’

Featuring the previously released “Kick’n It”, “No Fly Zone”, “In N Out”, and “This Life” – ’88 To Now’ is a project that has desperately been needed.

With features from Ozay Moore, James Gardin, Macklyn, Sivion, Composetheway, and Chris Orrick, there is a connection to be made for every listener. It is a trip back to the golden era of hip hop but made for today’s culture.

Poems is a solidified vet in the CHH world and ’88 To Now’ displays the skill of a master craftsman who understands the subtle details of his product.

“So prepare to look back, and then go forward. 1988 was a dope year, but the ‘now’ is even better.”

Listen to ’88 To Now’:


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