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Procyse and iNTELLECT Drop New EP ‘The Art of Grace’

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | March 2, 2021

While the world still continues on a journey of adjustment, there is much to be said about a feeling of familiarity.

When it comes to hip hop, there is a certain sound that will forever be considered “classic”. Jazz samples, boom-bap drums, fresh cuts, and above all…lyrical ability.

Enter the newest collaboration between Procyse and iNTELLECT.

On their joint EP, The Art of Grace, the Colorado-based Procyse and Ohio bred iNTELLECT showcase God-given talent over production by the extremely talented Newselph. The duo flexes their lyrical chops, bringing a relevant sound to a tried and true formula.

“This project has a classic hip hop vibe,” explains iNTELLECT. “From the jazzy samples to drum breaks, this has lofi hip hop written all over it. What makes it special is that Procyse and I really just gelled on the project. It was an organic, creative process and God’s grace quickly became the theme.”

Joining iNTELLECT and Procyse on the six-song EP are fellow emcees TC, Griffin, and DJ Dsern. 

‘The Art of Grace’ hit digital music retailers on February 19, 2021.

Connect with Procyse (@procyse) and iNTELLECT (@intellect_419) on Instagram.

iNTELLECT website: intellect-music.com

Project Details

Title: The Art of Grace

Artists: Procyse & iNTELLECT

Release Date: February 19, 2021

Production: Newselph

Engineering: iNTELLECT

Features: TC, Griffin, DJ Dsern


Track Listing

  1. I’m So Fly ft. TC
  2. Rise Up ft. Griffin and DJ Dsern
  3. Live It Up
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Let the Weeds Die
  6. For the Culture

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