Nomis | “Doomsday Clock” @NomisHipHop

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | March 11, 2023

Nomis, "Doomsday Clock"

Nomis pays tribute with the single Doomsday Clock

It is well-documented that hip-hop was birthed in the Empire State. Though neighboring boroughs participated in its origins, The Bronx was the first to place its flag in the soil. In its inception, the totality of hip-hop culture was predominantly represented by the Black & Hispanic youth of New York. But cultural phenomenons never stay localized for too long.

Quickly, the phenomenon spread and consumed young men & women across the country.

Innovation began throughout the culture as a whole. More and more artists arose. New cadences and tones began to spread almost as fast as the culture itself. But what time has shown us, is that there was something particularly groundbreaking about the wielding of the art of rhyme in the Golden State.

To this day, the voices, faces, and sonics of hip-hop music are as unique and vast as the people of the earth itself. All of us must pay homage to the DJs, B-Boys, Graffiti Writers, and Rappers that built this culture from nothing. When it comes to the mastery of styles, it’s time the culture pays homage to the West Coast.

In Doomsday Clock, Nomis honors the California innovators of styles that came before him.

Every couple of bars, Nomis changes his flow and tonal inflections, each as a shout to the rich history of lyricists who’ve mastered the craft. Nomis playfully manipulates his vocal timing, as he speaks to the timeline of the creation, curse, and covenant narrative between God and man.

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