Nevah Lost | ‘Nevah Lost , Vol. 1’ @jaybizzze

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | July 15, 2022

Former NFL Star Rashad Jennings drops his first rap album, Nevah Lost Vol. 1. In honor of Rashad Jennings’s parent’s 51st anniversary.

In the fall of 2021, former New York Giants running back, Dancing With The Stars Season 24 champion, and New York Times bestselling author Rashad Jennings reached out to Jay and fellow artists G. I. Wonder, and Chad Nelson to work on a collaborative rap album for his gaming organization, Nevah Lost. Nevah Lost, Vol. 1 is executively produced by Rashad Jennings and consists of 9 songs, with special appearances from Rashad Jennings. Nevah Lost, Vol. 1 is primarily a trap record with influences of Afrobeat such as the heartfelt ballad “Some Time” and R&B such as the slow jam “Priceless”. The album highlights themes of love, commitment, hope, and celebrations of victory in Christ Jesus.

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