NBBARadio – The Slave Master’s Religion [Christian Talk Radio]

By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | February 14, 2017

On this week’s episode of Not By Bread Alone Radio, we hope to bring light to an age-old Debate regarding the origin of the Christian faith or what we call Christianity Today. This is a topic that brings about many emotions amongst Christians and non-believers alike. This concept has successfully kept some away from the faith while making some; within the faith, run for the hills simultaneously. Our aim here tonight is to not defend the gospel because it needs no defense. Nor do we want to go back and forth about what some refuse to recognize as facts. Rather, our aim is to bring to light the pain and mentality behind this… while exposing the truth of the God we have come to know. So I ask you… IS CHRISTIANITY THE SLAVE MASTER’S RELIGION?

Last, but not least, our playlist:
– Show Em the Scriptural by Sage Muzik
– Judas by The I.O.G.
– Drive by Stacks Lyrics
– P.T.Y.P. by Bless
– Finally Found by Dru Bex feat. Sean C. Johnson, S.O. & Beleaf
– Young and Reckless by Jovi Harp
– Black Church White Church by Curt Kennedy fka Voice
– Soldier Music by Godz Warriah
– Soul Deep by Bizzle

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