Mike Sarge Launches Instagram Course @Mike_Sarge

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | August 8, 2022

Independent music artist and creative entrepreneur Mike Sarge brings more than a decade worth of experience to the music industry.

After charting on multiple streaming platforms and having national television placements, Sarge is set to share his best practices.

Road to 1K is Sarge’s new, Instagram-focused, course.

“Long story short, I remember struggling as an artist,” explains Sarge. “Trying to figure out the best ways to utilize social media platforms; how to market my content on a low budget; how to create a fanbase full of engaged supporters. I went through tons of YouTube videos, books, master classes, etc. Nothing seemed to be working and most of the content came from individuals who weren’t even artists.”

Despite his frustrations, Sarge finally figured out a formula that not only works for him but can work for anyone.

Road to 1K

Don’t waste hours of your time attempting to find the right information. Mike Sarge is ready to share his secrets with you! His goal is to bring real value to the people that he works with. With his new course, Sarge encourages, impacts, and supports people seeking to be great in their endeavors.

With the Road to 1K course, users learn:

  • The Essentials: designing an engaging Instagram profile from scratch. Understand how the algorithm works.
  • Content 101: creating eye-catching Instagram posts that will get more engagement.
  • The Pro Gems: learn about cheat codes influencers use and implement strategies that help organic growth.
  • Advanced Strategies: attracting thousands of followers to your profile without any previous following or experience.

This is a course made by artists, for artists.

When you enroll, you get Sarge’s step-by-step blueprint for gaining real followers who will love your music. Not bots or shady marketing schemes (we all know there are plenty of scams out there). The course combines thousands of hours of practical research and years of experience.

Get more streams, sell more merchandise, and make your brand a force.

Featuring over 20 lessons and 2.5 hours of content, even beginners can quickly learn how to build a community in as little as 90 days with Mike Sarge’s Road to 1K.

The course also includes access to additional items that are valuable to any artist. Including:

  • Cover Artwork Templates
  • The Hashtag Vault
  • Pro-Level Captions
  • Artist Academy Training

Interested? Of course, you are! Enroll in the Road to 1K course here.

Want more great content from Mike Sarge? Check out the Artist Tips video series, right here on FiveTwenty Collective.

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