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KevRock | “BBQ & Creole” @KevRock08

By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | December 31, 2020

KevRock | BBQ & Creole

In KevRock’s last 6-track EP of a very busy year for this breakout artist, he is paying homage to the predecessors that influenced his taste in music and brought him joy at an early age. He end’s the year with a nod to the New Orleans and Memphis rap scene of the 90’s and early 2000’s. Much like Nostalgia, it shows how KevRock grew up and the influences he gravitated towards with not so stellar life choices in his adolescence. Nonetheless, KevRock as an artist is learning a lot about how to grow in his craft and by doing this he hopes that not only do you appreciate the biblical perspective over some classic beats, but also prays that manipulating these different styles will help mature his own individual style. He plans to take journeys with who ever the Lord aligns in his life! From KevRock himself, “Much love and enjoy through the holidays yall God bless!!!”

Make sure to check out KevRock’s full bio and discography here: https://fivetwentycollective.com/artists/kevrock

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